Best 8 Puzzle Games For Android


Lara Croft GO

If you have been looking for a puzzle-adventure game, look no more as Lara Croft Go is one of the best ones. The story is set in the forgotten world, and you need to explore that world and the ruins of the ancient civilization. As you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom, you will face all kinds of obstacles and challenges. The game has a great rating in the Google Play Store – 4.7 stars. It costs $5.68 with in-app purchases.

Angry Birds 2

The sequel to one of the best, biggest and most popular mobile games of all time is so fun to play! The graphics are awesome, plus – you get to choose your bird to go through all those interesting levels and with the spells, you will get the advantage you need. You can challenge other players from all around the globe in the Arena and by playing the tournaments you will earn the feathers so that you can level up your birds. The Angry Birds 2 is free and it offers in-app purchases.

Pac-Man 256

If you loved to play Pac-Man on your computer, now you can enjoy the experience on your smartphone or tablet. Run from the ghosts and outsmart them with various power-ups. The game is fun and exciting, and with over 200,000 reviews it has 4.4 stars in the Google Play Store. Pac-Man 256 is free with in-app purchases.

Cut The Rope: Magic

The sequel of the popular Cut the Rope game is the Cut The Rope: Magic. The evil wizard stole the candies from the cute little monster Om Nom, and you’ll be helping the monster to get the candies back. There are many new features including 120+ all-new puzzles, six ways to transform Om Nom into magical creatures, and more. With the regular updates of the app, fans can expect new transformations and additional levels. The app is free and it offers in-app purchases.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

One word to describe this game- Addiction! Its peace of play makes it one of the most worthwhile best android puzzle apps to install. It’s really easy, just attempt to eliminate the colored spheres above each screen through the systematic shooting of same color spheres. The presentation is appealing, and the app captivates you from the very start. The music is really good to listen to. It almost makes you feel dreamy. Despite being easy to play, it’s incredibly more difficult as you ascend up the levels. However, that adds to its appeal.


With its infusion of the distinctive art style, this puzzle app surely has earned its spot in the best android puzzle apps list. The app gives you the power to control and manipulate a guide who is also showing a band of traveler way in very treacherous and dangerous terrain. The game mode is a journey to discovery as you encounter all manners of dangers on the way. From dipping canyons to deadly pink mountains, it is a feast for the eyes. Your ears too will be entertained by the Eastern-sounding music. The developers surely did an excellent job.


I would definitely recommend Cybergon. The app will require you to manipulate a floating pyramid with the objective of avoiding colliding with floating cubes. You will be accumulating floating spheres in the meantime. Your prowess lies in your ability to survive for as long as you can, but this gets less likely as more irritating cubes come your way. It has a loving array of sounds and very responsive controls to create an overall superb gaming experience.

GlowGrid Puzzle

Looking for an engaging tile-matcher with a retro feel? The best android puzzle apps can’t match to the awesomeness of this app. The app is a fit in the game which requires placement of blocks on a grid. You will score points if you match four colors consistently or more. It is visually appealing with neon artwork. However, the best score lies in its difficulty factor. The fact that the gamer is allocated only a few seconds to finish placing the tiles is definitely a motivating factor. This makes it one of the greatest android puzzle apps for any serious Android user.