A New Way To Feel Less Pain During Exercise


How A combination Of Exercise And Music Helps Us Feel Less Pain

During the fitness, machines are modified.  In such way that movement strength gets on the abdominal trainer. Like the pull-ups or the stepper creates sound waves. So the software that is for music composition developed.

At the MPI CBS and a related sensor system enables the user to produce accompaniment. from each fitness machines. After the exercises, the gymers become the composer. Also, he becomes the composer for the instruments.

Thomas Fritz said We found that Jymmin increases the pain threshold. On average, participants were able to tolerate 10 percent more pain. so from ten minutes of exercise on our Jymmin machines. some of them even up to 50 percent.Thomas Fritz is the head of the research group. Music Evoked Brain Plasticity at MPI CBS.

from the studies neuroscientist. They Already knew that exercise.

So in general increases our pain. Exercises show effects to be even stronger.which compared to normal workouts. Thomas Fritz also added After Jymmin. The participants were able to immerse their forearm. Into the cold water of one degree Celsius for five seconds longer. Compared to the conventional exercise session. The Scientists who are working as a team with Fritz. They think one of the main reasons for this might be the increased release of endorphins.


which means the higher the level the more tolerant we are to pain. So the mixture of music and exercise trigger the release of endorphins. Which is done in an efficient way. The effect quantity was dependent on the individual exercisers experience of pain.

The scientists also divided the group of twenty-two participants according to how they rated pain. Actually, these participants with the highest pain benefitted the most from this method. so maybe they released more endorphins in comparison to those who are more sensitive.