A Different Way To File Transfer


File Transfer

Because most smartphone users use limited mobile data, they prefer to use app sharing on file sharing. Bluetooth access to file sharing has long been outdated. WiFi-based file sharing system has been used since the early days of Android. In this case, ShareTech has kept its exclusive dominance, but recently many have started searching for alternative apps.

Now you can get more options like file sharing apps with advanced features like share. This post will introduce you to the share option options apps.

Mi drop

Xiaomi released its own file sharing app, Mi Drop or MI drop, along with their MUI 9 releases. It installs on the MiUI / MIUI powered Xiaomi phone. Plus, the app is available for free on Google Play Store, which allows you to use all brands of Android phones. ShareType option does not display any type of ad in this drop-drop app – at least not yet. Its user interface is very simple. The app’s own size is very small. Besides sharing any type of file with the WiFi, you can set your phone as an FTP server and you can easily transfer the phone from the phone’s storage to a PC with Wi-Fi network.


It is a very old file sharing app. ShareType Options This app works with WiFi just like ShareShare. Being a Japanese cross-platform, you can use it on Mac, Windows PC, and phone. There are some interesting features along with storage cloning, offline chat. There is also a group sharing to share with many people at one go. It also has a lightweight version for low-end phones known as Japan GO.


The SHAREit application uses a secure connection protocol and has transfer speeds faster than Bluetooth and NFC. The other method for file transferring is either through Bluetooth, NFC, or USB drives. This was noted by various renowned universities and even magazines like WIRED. Looking at the unsafe protocol offered by USB drives, and slow speed of Bluetooth, applications like SHAREit were developed, based on Wi-Fi Direct methods.SHAREit also offers its users a range of digital entertainment from videos, music, films, GIF, meme, etc. within its app by collaborating with partners such as.


It is also a cross-platform file transfer app. There are many common features like phone replication, sending any size file, with easy to share image files, slide-to-share options. ShareType Options This App Build-In File Manager is also there. There is no ad in it yet. You can also see the apps installed on that phone as soon as you connect to another phone. Connect with PC so that you can send smartphones through smartphones, utility photos, day spaces, data communication, application, documents, and an SMS. Lace utility’s Payeur agreement telegraph or des donation A party’s DL ordinator AVC non-Fi Add a PC connector to a smartphone, we can contact the applicant for the users. Application Function to insert Wi-Fi via LPC Direct Limited

Google Files Go

Google has brought a lot of lightweight editions of its apps under Android Go Editions. There is no file manager app on Android, but the Android go-based phone is installed by default by Google’s files. ShareType Options This app is available for any Android phone free from Google Play. It is basically a small file manager, but it allows you to share files as fast as sharing files. It does not occupy more space, but it is completely free.