The Way To Stay Safe While Using Free WiFi


Nowadays there is free WiFi in streetlights, restaurants and various public places. In this era of the high price, the price of mobile data, a little bit of turtle free WiFi is the equivalent of nectar for many. But in the nectar, can you have any idea that the beetle may have? Yes, free WiFi can steal your confidential information, even hack an online account. But we do not use the free WiFi? Of course, only following the safety tips below.

Refrain From Online Banking

Free WiFi in the bus station or in the restaurant, a bottle of cold mineral water in the desert, is not it? But it will be a little slow. Free WiFi can sometimes be a trap. Never join online banking or debit/credit card numbers with any free online Wi-Fi network and do not make any online transactions. Because if there are any miscreants in the WiFi network, they can empty your bank account with your bank or card information.


VPN is a virtual private network, allowing you to visit any website through a different IP address. As a result, you will not need free WiFi public IP address. It will also keep your personal information safe.

Do Not Save The Network

Mobile devices and computers often store the name of the WiFi network connected to them and automatically connect them later. Never do this job. Because the miscreants can sometimes auto-connect with your device by imitating the name of the free WiFi hotspot and play twelve of your privacy via its own access point.

Please Note The Name Of The Network

Many times, miscreants around nearby popular WiFi hotspots get trapped near another nearby free WiFi hotspot. So be sure to name it before joining the network to avoid this trap!


To join some free WiFi hotspots, the phone number is to be given and then the SMS comes with a password/code which will be connected to the network via SMS. Such networks are relatively safe because hackers usually do not sit with such an arrangement. They may provide a network that does not require any code or password to be added.

Antivirus App

There is a new way to disrupt digital security. There are many ways to deal with them too. If you use an antivirus, it can act as a shield for you on an unsafe network.

Unnecessary To Keep The WiFi Off

If you do not use the Internet, keep the phone’s WiFi off. This will save battery charges. Apart from the fraudulent auto-connecting network, it will also get rid of.