Before Update Your Operating System


Microsoft announces the significant update of Windows Tens twice a year, operating system firm Microsoft The latest update was released on Monday. This update, titled ‘Windows Ten April 2012 update’, can make available to current Windows users without charge. However, spend some time before preparing for your computer update. In this new version, your computer will run smoothly.

Do Not Forget To Backup The File

Before any major update of the operating system, it is important to back up important files on the computer’s hard disk. If the update is not scheduled for any reason, then the second option is handled. Upload and upload images and files to any cloud storage you like. In this case, Google Drive (, One Drive (, Icloud (, Dropbox (, Amazon Drive ( ) Or box (, you will get a fixed amount of free cloud storage. Without it, you can save files to an external drive. To use Windows’s built-in backup service, go to Settings> Update & security> Backup.

Back Up The Entire System

You can also create system images on your computer to avoid any unwanted events. If there is a problem, you can restore the settings by restoring the system image restores. To create, first go to Control Panel. Then click on the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) option from System and Security. Select Create a system image from the left. Then save the system image to an external hard drive or DVD as per your choice.

Keep Enough Space On The Hard Disk

Before any update, make sure to leave enough room in the operating system’s drive. You can find many unnecessary files to drop. Remove them. Keep it somewhere else if you need it. To clear the quick space, first see Recycle Bin, after removing the files, they forgot to remove them from Recycle Bin. Then get help with ‘Disk Cleanup’ facility. From the Start menu, select All Apps> Windows Administrative Tools> Disk Cleanup. Select the operating system’s drive and wait OK. To delete the system files, click on the “Clean up system files” option.


Disconnect Extra Machines

Keep any device or device connected to the computer before the update. But desktop computers can have keyboards and mouse. If the printer, scanner or external drive is connecting, it will also want to update the driver of the device during the update. Driver updates you can do even later.

Disable Antivirus

Disable additional software such as antivirus and firewall software for a period of time. But do not forget to re-activate the update again. Go to the Settings> Update & security> Windows Security option and disable the Windows Defender’s Security Tool by clicking on the Windows Defender Security Center button. Or stop third-party antivirus software real-time scans and firewalls.