Virtual Security ‘Companion’


The night is over. Someday to go home alone? Even if you can not completely eliminate the fear, an application has been creating, which will give you virtual companions.

It Works

Through this application, you can send a request to be someone you know to be a partner. And now he can return home to talk to him in a tired way. So tagline of the app is written, ‘Never Walk Home Allen’, that means you will never have to go home alone. MashableThe first screen allows users to choose a type of mobile device that they own. Once the user has chosen, a second screen presents the user with information on some of the available apps. Under the listing for Windows phones, there is a link to view available devices.

You can request someone to contact you from your phone contacts. However, you will not have the app on the person’s phone to join you.

Text Your Partner

This app will update your movements with your partner. It means that you can update everything from where you are coming, how far ahead and how much the rest.

Because soon after the app will ask you, are you okay? If you answer ‘Yes’ in 15 seconds, then your friend will know you are good. If you do not answer, then your friend will alert so that he can come forward to help you.

Not only that, the app will warn your partner if you find any difficulties on your way. For example, if you start running or unlock the headphone jack from the smartphone, then the app will ask you, are you okay? If you do not reply within 15 seconds the warning can reach to your friend.


If anyone is in danger of the use of this app, then the areas which are in danger are identified as hazardous to the police and the app developer. The application has been built for both Android and iOS operating systems.