Opera Is Shutting Down This Service On April 30


Opera Is Shutting Down:

Popular Internet browser Opera had released its free VPN app in 2016. It runs on both iOS and Android operating systems. Opera has presently disclosed that it is shutting down the application on 30 April 2018. Recently, the company shut down its data saving application Opera Max, which was earned by Samsung.

The desktop version of the application has a built-in feature and Opera has also disabled that feature. The browser company also said, that all the Opera Gold users will have the choice to redeem a 12-month subscription for free to SurfEasy Ultra VPN. This will allow people to access limitless usage on 5 devices in twenty-eight regions.

Official Blog Post:

In an official blog post, the browser said, “This is a free upgrade for browser’s Gold people, as SurfEasy Ultra offers limitless usage on up to 5 devices, access to twenty-eight regions and a strict no-log system. SurfEasy is also available on more stages, currently supporting iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Amazon devices. Peoples will be able to experience world-class consumer support, too. Opera Gold peoples will be able to move to the newest version of the Opera VPN iOS application.”

Opera Gold:

The browser also added that the Opera Gold people will also be capable to move to the new version of the Opera VPN iOS application. The company is also providing a discount of eighty percent on SurfEasy Total VPN for the peoples who cannot access the new update of the Opera Android apps and VPN iOS. The complete price of SurfEasy is 4.99 US dollar per month or 3.99 US dollar per month in case the peoples choose to pay it yearly.

Samsung earned the data saving application Opera Max in this year February. The application helps the newest iteration of Samsung’s unique and easy-to-use features, ‘Privacy Protection’ and ‘Data Saving Mode’. Samsung Max is replacing Opera Max. It is one of the biggest phone virtual private networks (VPNs) in the earth. And now, these VPN 2 key features are accessible to millions of more Samsung users.