Fire In The Shopping Mall In Russia: Dead 37



Fire In The Shopping Mall In Russia

At least 37 people, including children, killed and around 30 people injured in a fire at a shopping mall in the Siberian Kemerovo region. BBC online reports gave information that cited local media. The fire service has more than 100 workers working in the fire, authorities said. According to the International Researchers in the AFP report, about 69 people, including 40 children, are still missing, 120 rescued. The Kemerovo area, known as Russia’s one of the largest coal producing regions, 2,200 meters before Moscow.


The reason for the fire does not yet know. But the authorities have already begun investigations, the Russian media said in a report. According to the investigation committee, Tas was told that 37 people killed so far confirmed. In another interview, a spokesman of the inquiry committee confirmed that 35 people went missing.

The Sputnik Press

Russian press Sputnik said in their report, the fire started from the fourth floor of a building called Winter Cherry. Local accidents occurred on Sunday. The part of the building believed to have originated from cinema and entertainment, originally from there the fire started. Due to the fire, the cinema halls were closed. That is why many children are still trapped there.

The video of the fire spread to various social media. In videos, people are jumping down from the window of the building to save lives. Only window coil saw from the window. Fire service workers are trying to set the fire.

Many of the casualties were in the cinema hall of the shopping mall during the fire incident. The cause of the fire does not know. But the authorities have already begun the investigation.

There is a zoo in the shopping complex. Due to the fire, the zoo’s zombies expected to die.

The fire brigade personnel started working on the fire after hearing the fire. About 660 fire service personnel are engaged in this work.