Unlock Your Computer Via Smartphone


Today, almost all middle-budget smartphones have fingerprint sensors. Using fingerprint, the phone can be unlocked easily by the eyelashes. Fingerprint authentication method in fingerprint authentication method to unlock the smartphone, only fingerprints are enough for one finger at the specified point of the phone. What would have been like if your computer could also be unlocked?

But most laptop still does not have fingerprint sensors. Some of the laptops that have fingerprint authentication also work too much trouble. The HP ProBook 450 series laptop has a fingerprint sensor, it is not as efficient as the mobile.

Computer Fingerprints

It has to be a slide from one end to the other, keeping the finger on the edge. But the sensor works only when the finger touching the sensor on the mobile phone. However, advanced sensors like mobile phones may offer on the new model laptop. But the laptop does not change after two months! Those who use the desktop are more problematic. Many people do not even think about putting fingerprint sensors on the desktop separately. So, do we sign in to the PC every time I use a long long password? No, At least for those who have a smartphone with a fingerprint of the Samsung Galaxy series, there is not enough time for the good news to come.

Samsung Flow

A similar feature has given to Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet a long time ago. You can unlock the Windows 10 powered hybrid tab/notebook device using the Galaxy Smartphone’s Fingerprint sensor. After the next update of Windows 10, Samsung Windows Phone Fingerprint Support will be available on all Windows 10 computers. It expects that the release of Windows 10 (Creators Update) will release in April.

Creators Update

By updating Windows 10 creators, installing a supported driver for the Samsung Flow app on the computer can unlock the computer with any fingerprint phone in the Galaxy series. For this reason, before connecting the phone to the PC to a Bluetooth or WiFi hotspot, the fingerprint will save. Then every time you can log in to the PC with that fingerprint from the mobile. In response to a user review on Google Play Store, Samsung Support Representative has provided this information to all Windows 10 powered PCs