The Magic Chip For Your Computer


The UN project was ‘One Laptop Per Child’. The project was taken with the goal of delivering a laptop to each child. The purpose was that children from childhood could expose to information technology. The project, which was an invention in 2006, faces the beginning. The main reason for failure was to try to reach the hands of the children without technology education.

New Project

In that year, another project was born completely. From Cambridge University, just after doing a Ph.D. in Computer Science, eBay was aiming for a computing computer at an affordable cost. He worked with a circuit board and eight men microcontroller for a long time. After some more developments, the computer is known as ‘Raspberry Pi’. The price is 25 to 35 pounds, which is three to four thousand only. The smallest device in the palm of the hand is the most successful project in the low-cost computer world. It has sold until March this year, about two million Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi

Looks like the motherboard of the conventional computer, but it is actually a complete computer. Like the mouse, the keyboard and the monitor work in the CPU, it also has it. Initially, Ibn’s aim was to create a computer at a commercially low cost. After understanding the importance of the matter, the whole project is dedicated to the welfare of the children. Raspberry Pi is made of computers for children. Children on this computer can learn to programme when playing. MIT researchers have also created gaming programming in this way. The power consumption of this computer is less surprising, one-tenth of the general average. Children are able to safely use chips while they are open because of no danger of electrical accidents.

Cheap Price

One of the reasons for Rushberry Computer’s cheapness is that this computer has built by installing necessary microcontrollers and ports on the circuit board. The software that is used in Rushberry Peay’s operating system, impress with the specialization and useful for the children, in which the technology provided by Google, from Microsoft, Bagha Bagha, all the tech-savvy companies. Rushberry Pie Computer Chip is a great tool for tech-savvy young people. By using this, they are creating all the visually challenged projects.

Operating The Computer

Rushberry Pie is a Linux operating system, but it will run Windows. The computer chip has an HDMI port, several USB ports and charging ports. As a result, it can recharge with ordinary smartphone chargers. There is also a headphone jack and internet connecting ports.

Currently, there is a quad-core processor and one gigabyte RAM Ramberry pie in the market. Although smaller in size but its computing is not enough. With the help of these Raspberries, a home server can create.