Tips For Making New Gaming PC


Computers are usually bought for two purposes. The first is a general job. From where the work of the office is limited to home entertainment. The other is for gaming and heavy-duty graphics. You can use any computer for the first purpose. But for gaming and graphics work you will need a separate high-end PC. Those who have budgets can safely build their gaming pc by watching this tune of today.

Extreme Level Gaming PC

The gaming world is improving over time. Just 12 years ago, the gaming PC was not separate, but at present, the gamers have been thinking of creating a gaming pc for the latest graphics and big size gaming of the games. Let’s see some tips and tricks to build a gaming PC.

There is nothing hard to build a gaming PC. Yes, but if you want to buy a PC that can secure the game for the next few years, it’s a little harder. In this era of information technology, computer graphics quality is changing every month. And to build a gaming PC, you may have to upgrade a light PC in the future, if you want to taste gaming for a few years with a PC. The main feature of the gaming PC is its performance. So gaming PC depends on four parts.

Those are the motherboard, processor, graphics card, and RAM. These four things will give you high-quality performance on your PC as well as your PCs. I have divided the gaming PC into two parts. The first is the entry-level gaming PC. Where you can play all the games with HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and the graphics setting of the game will be Low and Medium. The second is the Extreme Level Gaming PC.

To make this PC, you have to pour the budget. Here you can play UHD (4K, 3849 x 2160 Pixels) for all games and High and Ultra if there are graphics in the game. And after a few years, with the PC that you can play the game on Ultra settings, then it may run on High. After a few years, you will not be able to return to Medium settings on the same PC. Then you have to upgrade your PC.


The first performance of your PC will depend on your processor. So first you have to select the correct processor. And if you can install the processor correctly, then you will be able to gamble your computer for the next several years with this PC. Currently, AMD and Intel are the most significant two broadband brands in the processor’s market, offering many types of processors. Keep in mind – if you take the AMD processor, you will need to take motherboard according to the AMD model. Intel currently has Intel Core i9 with 18 core and AMD Rising Series has released new processors in the market. However, if you take 18 core i9, you will only have to pay a budget of more than millions of processors, and yes this processor will be running only with a motherboard.

Assign as much budget as you can to the processor. Because the next time you upgrade the PC to work on the processor’s upgrade. Switching processors is a troublesome task because. The motherboard has a direct connection to the processor.
The speed of the processor is determined by the GHz speed and the number of cores. At the beginning of the tune, it has been said that there are two types of PC builds being discussed here.

On the other hand, you need an Intel Core series i7 processor for the Extreme Level Gaming PC. These are the best ones for overclocking. But if you are in the budget, you can go to the high-end core I 9. And if you can take core i9 with 18 core, then there is no word. With this PC you can safely play games in Ultra graphics for the next 5/6 years.


Gaming PC said more generally PC noted that you have to select the correct motherboard. Motherboards are connected to all other spare parts, so it is called a motherboard. And the model of the motherboard will depend on the model of the processor. So if you have selected Core i1818 core processor, then you need a separate motherboard.

The entry-level gaming PC’s motherboard should have 2 RAM slots, one graphics card slot, and an onboard audio slot. It will be a cooling system as the old model cooling fan, and there will be no overclocking system.

On the other hand, there are six RAM slots, two graphics card slots and overclocking features on the motherboard for extreme level gaming PCs. It should also have a liquid cooling system. Ram also has to have overclocking arrangements. While gaming PCs should be set enough budget on the processor and motherboard because these two things cannot be upgraded in the future.


Random Access Memory or RAM will depend on your PC’s ongoing performance. The more RAM you can run the more programs simultaneously. RAM is now divided into DDR. Currently, DDR4 RAM is running on the market. So it’s better to get DDR4 RAM for Gaming PC than DDR3. So, motherboards also need to be like this by supporting the DDR4 RAM. And for future upgrades, you can add more RAM to the PC.

The entry-level gaming PC requires at least 6GB of RAM. However, if you wanted to play almost all the games in 2015, then you will need 8 GB of RAM. And for the entry-level gaming PC’s motherboard, you can get 4GB + 4GB RAM for RAM slot 2, or if you want to upgrade in the future, you can keep another slot for 8gb of RAM for future use.

On the other hand, for the extreme-level gaming PC, go straight to 32 GB RAM. For 6 Ram slots, use 3 to 32 GB and keep the rest three for the future. Keep in mind that there is a RAM overclocking system.

Graphics Card

In the entry-level graphics card, you can play the last two years of the game’s Ultra settings and the current games from Medium to High settings. These graphics cards will have FPS 30 to 40. This entry-level graphics card includes the old Nvidia GTX 1050 and earlier models.

On the other hand, the graphics card for the extreme-level gaming PC is the same. There will be a performance above 60 FPS. In this case, you can go to Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti or AMD R9 Fury. In this case, the old Titan Z will not work. You can play at the Armas at Ultra-High graphics for the next three years with Exim Level Graphics Card. But if you want to play games in 4K resolutions, then you will not have to work in graphics. You need two graphics cards. At present, Nvidia can bridge the same graphics card while AMD can crossfire them with any crossfire feature graphics cards.

But my personal opinion here is that it will be wise to buy Nvidia graphics for gaming. These will take a little bit of price but trust me is the best one of AMD graphics.


High-size storage for gaming PCs will be required. Because now the size of the games is increasing with their graphics. Earlier GTA 5 needed around 70 GB of hard disk space, but for the final game of the final fantasy series, now you want 140 GB of free hard disk space. Gaming PCs require at least one terabyte of a hard disk.

And if you want an extreme-level gaming PC, then you can take four terabytes of hard disk and another SSD for performance. But remember that you can buy the 5TB hard drive at the price of 1 TB SDD. But you can take NVMe SSD if you have a budget. Their size is smaller than RAM, but they will give a few times the speed of the existing SSD, and their storage capacity is much higher, and prices are also high.

However, remember that the size of the hard disk will not directly affect the performance of your gaming, so you should not have to budget higher on a hard drive and keep less budget on the graphics card.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

To play a graphics card with a graphics card, you need to put a different powerful PSU. Because the graphics card consumes lots of power that can not back up the regular power supply. And for some modern graphics cards, the different power supply is built. However, as per the requirement of the graphics card, buy the right power supply unit because the high-quality, high-quality power supply is a waste because after covering the requirements of the graphics card, the rest will be left unused. So if you need a 750-watt power supply then do not buy 1000 watt before going ahead. But if you want to cross the graphics card or crossfire, you can buy more power supply.

Cooling System

There are lots of hits on the computer while running almost all parts of the CPU. Specifically, the processor and the graphics card will always be kept cold. Nearly all processors and graphics cards are provided with their factory default cooling system. So there is no separate cooling system for entry-level gaming PCs. However, in the case of extreme-level gaming, processors and graphics have a liquid cooling system; in this case, you can set the algae with cooling fan casing for other parts. But the fan also pulls from your PSU.


Usually, no one cares about housing. Because regardless of the house, there will be no effect on PC performance. But gaming casing such as durable and sturdy looks nice too. Many people buy high-quality casing for separate lighting. But the graphics card and the motherboard size of the gaming PC are more significant than the normal, so the casing is also to be signed with them. And for the lighting and cooling fan, it also pulls from the PSU. So the casing should not be based on the default power supply unit provided with it.


The monitor is an essential part of gaming PCs. Gaming monitors are not just size, but also different in technology. You should choose your monitor on the maximum resolution server mentioned in your graphics card. Any LED or LCD monitor for entry-level gaming can be done, but you should take UHD display with a 4K resolution of gaming in Extreme Level because it will bring different features to your gameplay.

Other Parts

Now come on other parts. You can buy a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, speaker, etc. according to your budget type. These will not affect performance. So, we should not allocate more budget to it.


I say my own words. The first thing I did in 2006 was the PC quote. Then read Class 6. So start with Pentium 3 and Windows XP on my computer. After spending almost a lot of money in 2011, there was not enough time to buy a gaming PC. With 8 GB RAM, 2GB graphics card and Core i7 processor, I have been able to do all the work with gaming till last year.

But in the running of this year’s games, I can see performance pics on my PC. Now there is no addiction in gaming as before, so there is no mention of a PC upgrade. But to upgrade my PC, I have to update the RAM first. This means that more than a GB RAM will be required on the PC. And the graphics card has to be replaced. See, the quality of graphics card worth 80 thousand takes is now 7 years after the game is well played in the medium setting.