The Best Windows Apps To Monitor Internet Usage


We basically use two types of Internet, one is Limited and the other is Unlimited. Ltd is available as Internet Megabyte, which is provided by our mobile companies in our country. On the other hand, Unlimited Internet does not have a megabyte limit, but they are available as monthly subscription; They serve brand-brand internet companies in our country. Whatever type of internet you use, you will need an Internet Usage Monitor app on the PC.

Especially for those of us who use the limited net, this is an important app. There are many apps and software on the internet to monitor internet usage on PC. But what are the best among them? I came today with you in front of you. Today I came to share the best Windows apps with you to monitor Internet Usage. By using this software, you can easily monitor internet usage on your PC.


NetBalancer is a Powerful Network Traffic Control and Monitoring Tool. By using the software, you can check your PC’s Net Uses and use the software. With software, you can monitor all the systems and if you have multiple network adapters on your PC, you can also monitor all connections simultaneously. This means that you can simultaneously monitor LAN connection and Wi-Fi connection. The software supports both the IPv5 and IPv6 protocols.

The interesting thing is that software allows you to configure Priorities and Speed ​​Limit. This means that you will be able to determine which computer software will be able to use the net, and which software you can use. Even the software’s unregistered version allows you to analyze system-wide traffic control limits, network speed checking, current connectivity, and detailed traffic. The software can display the network speed graph on your PC tray icon.

Net Guard

Net Guard software is available at our 2nd place in today’s list. It’s a free network monitoring tool that allows you to monitor PC net usage. The software has Powerful BrandWith Monitoring features and there are a number of nice features that are enough to monitor your daily network usage. You can easily limit the global network to the software and you can see how much of a computer’s app is consuming the net.

The software also has interactive bandwidth usage reports; Through the graph, the software will tell you about any program of the PC and how much service the net is using. The software’s Bandwidth usage prediction feature will tell you how much net will be required each month.

It also has an over-limit notification feature which will alert you when the bandwidth limit crosses. And like the NetBaler software, here you will find real-time network data usage graphs on the desktop.

Bandwidth Monitor

Bandwidth Monitor is another free tool that allows you to check and monitor PC’s Internet Usage. Although it is not as powerful as the top net balance or Netgear, the software features will be able to take good care of your daily net checking process. Bandwidth Monitor, like the above software, can track the network speed and bandwidth usage of your computer, but you can not find the specific processor-specific monitoring device here.

The bandwidth monitor software is a unique feature that uses very little RAM; This means that when the PC slows down on the computer to monitor different networks, then they can use this software safely. The software can monitor multiple network adapters or multiple net connections simultaneously.

Net Traffic

The simplest and simplest tool in today’s list is Net Traffic but it is not as powerful as the top. The software allows LAN, WiFi connections to bandwidth on multiple networks, but can not track specific apps or processes separately. This means that you can see net access to all PC’s generic net network traffic.

In the software’s Statistics window you will see bandwidth usage in graphical style, here you will find information as days, months and years. On the General tab, you will get a summary of daily usage and simultaneously monitor your today’s net usage and predict how much software you will use in the next day, month and year.

Net traffic is highly customizable software. You can set the software’s floating window to the desktop; And its color, scale, chart type, and various things can be customized by itself.


The NetworkUsageView software is at the very end of our list of today’s Internet Usage Monitoring Software. This is basically a log viewer type software. So it will eat a little less RAM on your PC. Here you can see between data but the software does not have any floating window service. Another backside of the software is that it will work only on Windows 8 and newer Windows versions.

Even though the log viewer, the software will be able to show you the network access by separating all the apps and services of your PC. Through this, you can track down an app that uses a lot of net on your PC. Simultaneously, you can use the software to save the data usage result in a CSV file and save it.

Last word

The best  Windows tools to monitor internet bandwidth is the end of this tune today. Hope you can monitor your PC’s net usage with tools. At the same time, you can see that any application of the PC secretly uses the background.