A Rare Gem Of The World: Scientist J. N. Islam


Scientist Jamal Nazrul Islam:

The creator has created all human being with different properties and of them. Some are so happy that the general people find it hard to judge them. Scientist Jamal Nazrul Islam is of that rare character possessing exceptional intellect. As well as excellent warmth and sense of goodwill to all humanity. “The Ultimate Fate of the Universe” put him in the line of Steven Weinberg and Stephen Hawking in the universe of scientists induction much prosperity as an authoritative book on the remote future of the world.

The book has prepared the huge contribution to various scientific concepts setting. Various scientists busy on the brooding of the last fate of the world. Professor Freeman Dyson in his “Physics of Immortality” postulates that the 1st person who thinks seriously about the remote future is Jamal Nazrul Islam. And he confirmed that JN Islam’s “The Ultimate Fate of The Universe” had hugely affected his analysis. For analysis on “Rotating fields in general relativity” Jamal Nazrul Islam has been given with greatly rare DSC degree by Cambridge University.

It is relevant to notice that on the far future of the world the 1st acclaimed book is the “Ultimate Fate of the Universe” by Jamal Nazrul Islam. He also wrote, “An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology” which has got the place in the outline of various famous universities of the world. He had written various articles on science in various international journals. JN Islam got earth shaking scientists as his friends such as Stephen Hawking, Fineman, Richard, Professor Freeman Dyson, Amartya Sen, Jim Marlis, Subraniam Chandrasekhar, Abdus Salam, Amiya Kumar Bagchi and many others.

Rank and Nobel Prize:

As a scientist, Jamal Nazrul Islam ranked big. It is his desire and knowledge of science, which led him to above of success. And got a place for him among the hearts of the famous scientists of this earth. Abdus Salam, Nobel Laureate said in a conversation that next to him just JN Islam deserves Nobel Prize from Asia. “New Scientist” requires that JN Islam explains the modern cosmologist’s view of the cosmic crystal ball with vigor, directness, and succinctness in “The Ultimate Fate of the Universe”. This book is a necessity read book in Cambridge, Princeton and in various other universities.

In the starting of Professor JN Islam career as a lecturer in applied mathematics. His first job at the Kings College of London. Later on, Jamal Nazrul Islam taught at Cambridge University, City University of London and Cardiff University. Furthermore, he did work as attending professor and scientist in various famous universities around the world. At the End of his career serving in the University of Chittagong till his last breath. He was a real researcher. And he gave his entire life to the pursuit of understanding the fate of the far coming world.