How To Tell If A Drone Is Stalking You


What To Do If A Drone Is Spying On You

A Drone can be defined as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Which is also referred to as a remotely piloted aircraft. It is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.  The flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers.

It can be controlled by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. People have seen it in movies.  Movies like science fiction. Or maybe in the newspaper. But when it comes to cost. You can buy it by paying $300.

people don’t have any issue. With them, if they were used like a remote control plane or helicopter out in a field. Away from the house. But it is used as a spring element or hanging over the head. Then it is too bad. You will be surprised if anyone locates a drone In your community.

The researchers like Nassi’s team decided to examine this idea.

They covered a home window. it could bearly switch between clear solid white. for doing it they have to have a remote control over it. researchers although flickered this “smart” film. back and forth every two seconds.

then the researchers aimed a drone with a video camera at the window from 40 meters. which is 130 feet away.and then they press record.  The flickers should show up on the drone’s video as the pixel changes its quality. to find it the researchers points out an scanning device that could detect the waves.

which are produced by radio. this is the wifi signals which is being broadcasted by the drone itself. also, the drones Wi-Fi traffic spiked whenever the smart film flickered. that assures that a simple radio scanner can tell.

when a drone is videotaping or capturing or monitoring a window. Simon Birnbach added Using radio equipment may not be strictly required. It’s possible to intercept Wi-Fi signals with a laptop or other computer with a wireless card.