Some Misconceptions About The Computer


Like all related things, there are some confusions or misconceptions about computers that are not true, but many believe in them. This article about some misconception or ‘myth’ is similar to a computer. Hope you know the right information about them and let others know. So, let’s start.

Hackers Are Waiting To Hack Your PC

When watching the American Saifee movie, when you hear the sound of the hacking word, the sight of a person reading Hoodie is sitting in front of the PC and writing the line code after the line in the terminal window. The fact is not the case. Hacking does not mean that one or a few people are trying to hack your PC in real time. Rather, hackers are hacking through some automated programs, programs that may not only keep on looking at you but also on the unnecessary ones. So you can be sure that if you are not one of the very high-profile users, then there is no real time to hack your PC!

More RAM Is Bad

This is another misconception. Many people think that the PC process is taking more memory than the other, so use the task killer. Actually, these task-killer programs do not require any work. Rather they can slow down your PC by closing the process called memory optimization. There is no work at the end of the RAM. So there is no reason to worry about the use of RAM!

Defragmentation Programs Work Quite Well

Many programs are available for Windows Disk Defragmentation. Many people think that these programs should be run in PCs at regular intervals. But this is also a myth or misconception. Rather Windows 10, 8 and 7 are smart enough and they can defrag your disk automatically without any third party program. If you use SSD instead of hard disk, then defrosting SSD can be rather harmful. So the old meditation should be welded slightly. Hard disk and SSD can read more about Hard disk or SSD storage? Which computer would be better?

A virus Is Responsible For Slowing Down Your PC

Viruses and other malware only do not slow down your PC. Rather, the essential programs you think are silly, maybe they are slowing down your PC by continuing with background processes. The PC Slow works even if you open several tabs in your browser and the media player/editing software window is open. Many viruses can secretly misuse the PC without slowing down.

Antivirus Will Keep You Safe

Actually, no antivirus can keep you safe if you are not careful. As the third-party antivirus protects you, it will also hurt your PC’s performance. In Windows 10 PC, it is best not to use third-party antivirus software. But if there is a need, there is Windows Defender. And if you do not believe in it (if you can download/download a lot of files) then you can use the different antivirus. Read this post to know about the 5 best antiviruses for 2014.

PC To Finish Work

This is also a misconception. It is not very important to keep the PC shut down every night or at regular intervals. Rather than shutting down the PC and restarting it, a lot of time is lost. If you want to save electricity alone, you can use slip or hibernate mode instead of PC shutdown. You can read more about this: Should the computer shut down every day or keep it running?

Auto Update Can Harm PC

Always automatic updates are not bad. It is true that in many cases you can fix many bugs and issues by updating PC Auto. But these updates are only for keeping your PC safe. So it is advisable to not disabling auto updates. However, those who run the cracked software and/or others who have limited internet data, always want to keep auto updates off. You can read more about this: How to Stop Windows 10’s Automated Updates

Internet Explorer Is Not Good

It is true that Internet Explorer will not give you much more when Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox comes to its inception. But it’s absolutely nothing to do. Although Microsoft has replaced the Internet Explorer and has launched Edge Browser but Internet Explorer 11 and a very good browser. Microsoft Edge is an excellent internet browser that started with Windows 10.

C-Cleaner And Registry Cleaner Software Increases PC Speed

In fact, more than these programs do not work as much as the PC cleansing programs themselves own your PC’s memory. These are not a lot of work. The same thing happens to Uninstaller software. Windows default uninstaller is enough. It is better not to use separate software for too much if it does not get too much. Besides, clearing the browser’s browser cache frequently will reduce your browsing speed, because the browser’s cache helps reduce site load times by holding some content. You can read more about this: C-cleaner software is harmful to PC.