Best PS4 Games You Must Play


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

When you consider the ambiance, the engaging PS4 gameplay or the world of building. The game exhibits a sort of achievement.

Although the occasional problems may peep in at one point or the other. The excellent systems that bond together in this game are hard to beat and it has emerged as one of the best role-playing games.

Dark Souls 3

This is one of those series that gave rise to about hundred imitators and the only reason behind the popularity of this game is the fair gameplay that comes close to the current version of the game as well.

However, it is the majestic and grotesque locales featured in the game and the fine-tuning of the combat fans along with the emphasis on versatility and speed that build this one a perfect decision for extending the collections of the top PS4 games. When you take a look at the series as a whole. This collection seems to encapsulate and not scattered as Dark Souls 2, the previous version. If you are keen to grab the soul game, it is this one.


The team-based master blaster from Blizzard received a lot of awards for the best multi-player, best competitive game. And the best original game and so on.

When you are thinking about games for the PS4, this is one of the collections you can hardly ever miss. With charismatic heroes engaged in the six-on-six battles. And their crazy abilities, such as swearing. Shouting along with the memorable moments make it a must add to the collections. There are specific objectives in each mode that lends a tangible aim to every match.

Fifa 19

This is one of the football-simulators from EA Canada and even though it has got rid of the shadow of Pro Evo. It has made a lot of changes. In the formula that you have always loved, in the right places.

You are sure to find the taste that suits your foot while playing this game. The journey in this game returns as Alex Hunter tries to become an icon of football from a superstar. The game includes Divisions mode to make improvements in the long-term play and the Kick-Off mode comes with the new House Rules resembling the FIFA street style. The changes in the ball and the shooting make the sense of movement sleeker across the field.

The Crew 2

In 2014, The Crew showed a shortened version for the United States. Along with various challenges and races. But the racing did not have the zing.

In 2018, the sequel resembles Forza Horizon and seems to have inspired from the series. The activities in the sequel are more accessible than the road trip in the previous version. The Arcade-style racing, along with the boats, planes, and cars are the reasons to add this game to your collection.

Dishonored 2

The first game was so interesting that there is a little scope of maneuvering here when you assess the quality of the game.

This is an adventure game packed with different options with narrative tales woven in that are set in a realistic world. Gamers can choose between the all-powerful Emily and the original hero Corvo. The supernatural abilities of Emily provide fun and flair. But the only drawback of the game is the less powerful story-line.

Jurassic World Evolution

The game seems to be dangerous but provides the gamers with the management sim or the Zoo Tycoon and this combination is the reason for the development of the game. With a simple set up.

You can create your theme park in any of the five islands and includes all those dinosaurs that you have seen tearing with their strong jaws. You can search for fossils or extract the DNA of these species to breed your own. But watch out before putting your steps as the species you create my create chaotic situations and riot across the Jurassic World.