Best Free Software Updater For Windows


Till some time back, malware creators often targeted Windows operating system directly. Now Windows quite successful in protecting their users from security patches in system updates. Windows has become more secure than ever, hence malware creators have shifted their attention to Windows applications. They are inventing newer and stealthier methods to infect Windows applications and then ultimately the Windows computer. So it’s high time to keep Windows applications up-to-date. Here is some software to update your software.




It is an amazing software updater that timely downloads and installs software without any hassles. Your security software updated always with the help of Heimdal free software updater. It has an “auto-pilot” mode so that all programs can update automatically. You will customize updater settings like you can choose which programs you want to update. You can modify the default time for monitoring updates i.e. two hours. In this software, You can change it according to your preference.


FileHippo App Manager


It is a great Update Checker. This Software is easy to use that searches for outdated software on your PC and shows the scanned results on your web browser. You can also find links to the latest updates of the outdated software on your webpage. The link will take you to FileHippo’s repository to download various updates. FileHippo App Manager displays old, new and beta versions updates. However, results can be customized. This software is a light-weight program and its 1 MB application file takes no more than few seconds to install.


Patch My PC


Another great software updater it is free and entirely portable. Patch My PC updates your software without your intervention to click anything during the process. With this, you can easily separate between outdated and updated software. The green color is provided to software that is up-to-date while red color indicates the outdated ones. You can decide you want to update software or not. There are optional settings that can be altered such as enabling forced program shutdowns before updating them, enabling beta updates, disabling silent updates and many more. You can also use Patch My PC to uninstall programs.


PC App Store


This software automatically finds outdated software and asks you to update it when required. The software is free and it has a great user-interface that manages downloads and installs software updates. You can know which updates are being installed on your system. You can throw any particular version of an update if you want and this software will exclude the particular update in the list of updates to be downloaded.




UTDATEFighter is a free software updater. One single click downloads and installs necessary updates for your software. You can decide which software you want to update by checking software in the list. This software scans files before they get downloaded on your computer. Your computer remains secure from infections during downloads and it notifies if the software is outdated.