Google Street View Can Map Travel Patterns In Cities


Google Street View:

Google Street View has the capability to count how common cycling is in towns. And possibly other travel designs too, a research has found. Researchists from the University of Cambridge in the UK said, The study of two thousand Google Street View pictures from one thousand random places in each of thirty-four towns. In the United Kingdom found the powerful contract with information on cycling, and public transport and motorbike use.

They said the WHO has calculated that physical inactivity demands up to 3.2 million premature dyings across the globe including 2.6 million in low- and middle-income countries. Increasing Raising transport, such as cycling or walking, is one way to develop physical exercise levels in a community, according to the research. To understand and develop townish travel, information is required on forms of transport used. However, in most countries, up-to-date, correct information is often not possible at the city level. Recently researchers have turned to big information references to estimate cycling, walking, and other travel designs in towns.

The latest research, declared in the journal PLOS ONE. Explored for the 1st time the potential of using Google Street View pictures to predict travel designs at the town level. Google Street View is the help given within Google Maps through which peoples can navigate through the panoramic imagery of the roads. The researchers chose a random example of thirty-four British towns. They entered two thousand pictures in each town from one thousand randomly sampled places. And calculated the number of parked cycles, cyclists, buses, motorcycles, walkers, cars, and vans/trucks in each picture. However, its information was compared with levels of cycling, walking. And other travel forms as reported in the 2011 Census.

Active People Survey:

It was also compared with walking and cycling information from 2010 to 2012 in the Active People Survey. A yearly physical movement survey in England. Using pictures recorded from 2010 to 2012. They guaranteed that the watching of Google Street View pictures. And comparison datasets belonged to the same time. However, the research found a powerful correlation between the Google Street View observations. And levels of public transport, and cycling and motorbike use as described by Census and the Active People Survey, with the moderate level of correlation for walking. Google Street View is available in at least ninety countries covering a range of low- and middle-income settings.