New Bug Found In Android Oreo 8.1


New Bug Found:

Android Oreo 8.1 Google’s Operating System. This version is detected to have a bug that deals with the device batteries. The bug, as specified by a user on Reddit (via a popular blog), is overcharging the devices. Which in this situation is a few years ago’s Google Pixel XL. It has been suggested that the affected Pixel XL devices are drag power value 25W instead of 18W. Which they really are extracting.

A user from Reddit named shadowfax1007 explains that Since the operating system 8.1 update, there has been an extensive issue with USB C to C charging. The OG XL will overcurrent well in raise of the value. The OEM charger will activate a safety cut off after a few seconds. But this than outcome ults in the charger just cutting in and out as it continues occurring.

Also mentioned is that the issue was attached to the companies (Google) issue tracker on February 2 but still no actions have been taken. Shadowfax1007 said that a user managed complete analysis results, bug reproduction systems etc and submitted an Issue Tracker with Google. It has been imposed to the Development committee with just P3 status (I’d dispute it’s P2 minimum). Since being imposed to the Development team on February 2 there has been no contact or interaction with people.

Temporary Solution:

As a temporary solution, people can try to use a charger with a various spec until the company rolls out a take on the issue. On a related note, few the companies Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL people reported about battery issues past month. people complained that the phone started going warm within a minute (or slightly more) of use. Some even said that the phone’s battery was clear at a fast rate. For many people, the warming issue started after they installed the security patch for the month of February.