Indians Care More Their Smartphones Than Loved


Women and men are addicted to smartphones. The mobile phone has become one of the most important aspects of life. Many negative comments about mobile phones are also heard. However, if you find information about a survey report, many may be surprised. Almost half of India or more than Aponjon loves his own smartphone. Based on a recent survey, the report released an India-G News report.


According to the study, 33 percent of the people (Indian), especially new generation youth, prefer to stay connected with the digital world every moment. 47 percent of India’s love is more than a boyfriend or lover than their parents, their smartphone. It’s impossible for many people to spend their days without having to wear their own fashionable smartphones while spending a whole day without talking to their parents.

The survey was conducted jointly with the Tele-Communications Agency Motorola Harvard University. The survey results say that people are gradually losing control over their own lives. Half of the people said to participate in the study, after a while, their hands went unnoticed on their phones. The number in India is even higher, about 65 percent. 35 percent of the people admitted that they could not afford to ‘addiction’ to the smartphone.
Think of 53 percent of the participants in the survey as their best friend and one of their favorite partners. In South Asia, one of the largest countries in India, this number is, even more, about 65 percent. 64 percent of India’s people are suffering due to lack of consistency in the phone and real life. 77 percent of Indians lost their phones and became panicky.

By 1990-2000, those who were born were described as Generation-Z, the study said that they are the most affected smartphone ‘intoxication’. They can not leave the trend. In India, 55 people out of every 100 people.

The study says people are slowly losing their self-esteem. People are becoming addicted to mobile and social media. Relative relationships with real life are increasingly flowing in the Internet world. Everyone is going to make the world their own.


Now a lot of people may wonder why such a survey was conducted by a phone manufacturer? Motorola has said in response, there is no doubt that smartphone is one of the essentials in daily life. But any organization is responsible for the next generation. If the next generation of smartphone syndrome is ‘infected’ or ‘sick’, then the loss of everyone. So Motorola has taken the initiative to alert the time. The results were revealed publicly by the initiative. Now be careful, how you or when depends on you.

Social communication experts have repeatedly said that, leave the phones to spend some time with Aponjon only. To reduce addiction to social media. There should be an initiative to keep a balance between life and the phone.