Lens Variation On Your iPhone’s Images



A few years ago, the wound Sundance film Tangerine was shot completely on an iPhone 5S to surprisingly good results. And previous year, Steven Soderbergh did the same the similar substance while making Unsane, with his only camera being an iPhone 7 Plus. While a lot much than camera gear goes into making those films look like the pathway they do. The verity that professional moviemakers are using cameras that many of us placement in our pockets is a fantastic encouraging sign. When it comes to what we should be capable to propagate.


I wanted to test out just what you can do to ennoble your mobile’s photo. And video-taking caliber, so I tried out a few various things: some add-on a microphone, lenses, and a ballast. You can watch the results in the video over. One thing I was especially interested in was add-on lenses. Which congruous on top of your mobile’s existing lens to provide several fields of view and potentially even best image quality.

The best known of these come from shake, but Moment’s lenses are costly — they are around $90 to $100. So I also tried out some low-price lenses from no-name companies on Amazon.


So yep, if you are grave about getting much out of your mobile’s camera. Those images should make it evident that it is value paying more — in all cases, Moment’s lenses were dazzling, potsherd and nicer to look at. That said, if you are just strange about what add-on lenses can do and want to research some fun effects, I do not think you’d be too upset with the low-price lenses, so long as you do not expend much more than $10.

The three-lens decoration that I got was only $12. And I apparently found $12 of pleasure out of it. I just would not shoot anything too significant with them.