Increase The Speed Of Google Chrome


About half of the internet users of the world choose to view the website as a browser or browser. Google Chrome is the reason for the popularity so it is not at the top of it, saying that. It is also a bad idea to slow down the computer speed, open many tabs together, add unnecessary extensions, and use many plug-ins to get you in trouble. Here are some sophisticated tips. By following these, you can increase the performance of your computer by speeding up the speed of Google Chrome.

History Of Google Chrome

Chrome is Google’s built-in web browser. It was first published in 2008 for Microsoft Windows operating system. Then it is gradually made for other operating systems including Linux. Google CEO Eric Emerson has been trying to create a web browser for six years. He said, “Then, Google was a small company.” For this reason, he did not want to enter the web browser’s competitive market. But later once Sergey Brin and Larry Page were on the point of be resurrected, he hired some web developers from Mozilla Firefox and created a draft web browser named Chrome. After this, Eric said, “It was so good that I got enough courage to create a web browser

Remove Unused Plug-In

Type ‘chrome: // plugins’ in the Chrome Address bar and enter. The list of plugins will be shown. Do not use plug-ins or useless, disable it. Keep it hidden in the plug-in. After deleting unnecessary plug-ins, you can arrange those that have less effect on chrome. They cannot stop. For this, go to settings and click on the show advanced settings below and click on the content settings below privacy. Then select from the plugins, let me choose the time when the plug-in content is selected. Since then, plug-ins like Flush Video will take your permission before it takes effect.

Remove Unneeded Extension

Extension often keeps the memory of the computer busy. It can reduce the speed of the computer. Type ‘chrome: // extensions’ in the address bar of the code. Ticking enabled next to each extension will stop working. To remove it completely, click on the side dashboard icon.

Unselect All Tabs

You can use extensions like Great Suspenders, which, if more time is ineffective then automatically tabs (suspend). As a result, the tab will not occupy memory. Once again, just one click is enough, the tab will be reloaded. The problem is that, if the website’s address changes or there is no Internet connection, then the web page of that tab will not be loaded again.

Keep Browsing The Browser Session

You can use the TabCloud + ( and Session Buddy ( to reduce the computer memory usage without suspending one tab. With the help of the whole browser, You can save information on all tabs together. Then there is no problem removing the tab.

Prevent Background Prefetching

By observing your browsing habits, Chrome tries to understand itself and then where you can go. Accordingly, Chrome leaves some pages open in the background. Prefetching this benefit name. To stop this, just go ahead to the Show advanced settings page and check the check next to the prediction service to load pages more quickly. However, it can reduce browsing speed.

Use Data Saver

The reason behind the delay in loading the website may be the slow speed of the internet. Data saver may be useful. At this time, less data is loaded on every page of Chrome.