Google Pixel Is No Longer Sold On The Google Store


Google Pixel:

Google’s original Pixel XL and Pixel smartphones, the beginning of the company’s broader collision to establish concord and streamline its in-house hardware endeavors. And remove from the online Google Store, as familiar today by AndroidPolice. Google confirmed that the mobiles are no longer obtainable for buy from the company straightly. You can, whatever, still buy the original Pixel XL and Pixel mobiles in a diversity of storage sizes and colors from positions like Amazon and Best purchase.

Google Removes:

It makes sense Google would eventually delete the original Pixel mobiles, as previous year’s Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 have replaced them. But as devices that originally rivaled Samsung’s Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone line in cost. It was constantly refreshing to know you could purchase a brand-latest original Pixel at a discount now that the mobiles have been out for about a half and a year. So, if you are in the bazaar for an older Android flagship that can still reasonably keep its own against most other mobiles in its cost range. The original Pixel goes for about $399 latest or $299 refurbished. It’d be wise to wrest one up from Amazon earlier it becomes harder to get.

Those who meantime own the Pixel XL and Pixel will glad to know that they can still buy official accessories, like the Live Case, from the Google Shop. As mentioned before, you can still purchase the Pixel XL and Pixel from Verizon in the U.S. and also with the former having a casual cost of $649 and the new at $669.

Fantastic Device:

The Google Pixel is a fantastic flagship mobile that’s only let down by mediocre battery life. And also some last-gen specs. The cost has currently dropped, making the Pixel is a respiration of fresh Google air in a worldwide of Android over-complexity. You can also attempt eBay if you want best deals, but the bottom line is you’ll no longer be capable to purchase the original Pixel XL and Pixel straightly from Google. So do not look for them in the Shop.