BlackBerry And Nokia Still Struggling To Comeback


Still Struggling to Comeback:

Nokia and BlackBerry brands both expected to stage a successful return at the world’s biggest phone show. All fans still waiting for a knockout phone that will put either one back in the international spotlight. Despite the brand’s release eight smartphones between them in the past year, it’s clear neither one has turned the flow.

Neither company can hope to return to their pre-2010 heights before the mobile world expedited its way to its present iPhone-Android duopoly. But if their individual comebacks happen flat, it means some decisions for customers in an era increasingly controlled by Apple and Samsung phone.

Nokia mobile phones shipped Fewer than six million in the last year, IHS Markit analyst told adding that his firm deems ten million shipments as important. BlackBerry Mobile could have shipped as many as 170 thousand units in the 4th quarter, according to Neil Shah. Neil Shah is an analyst at Counterpoint Research. On the other hand, Apple sold 77.3 million iPhones.

BlackBerry Mobile failed:

BlackBerry Mobile failed to share sales figures and HMD Global, which allows Nokia’s name, didn’t respond to many requests to discuss this story. Low sales prices are to be hoped for these revivalists, even a year in. Comebacks in the phone world don’t arrive late; they happen over years of constant investment and marketing job.

“Nokia and BlackBerry, there’s a hope that they will take the world by storm in just some months and control the market once again,” said Francois Mahieu. Francois Mahieu is a chief commercial officer at BlackBerry Mobile. “The world recognized Apple and Samsung are mega-players now.”

Both BlackBerry and Nokia phones are hoped to update in the next months, expecting to kick up momentum once again. The Nokia brand has its declaration at Mobile World Congress 2018 in this week. BlackBerry is hoped to uncover its next smartphone later in March.