Fitbit Versa Is Best Smart Watch Yet



The Versa is best than Fitbit’s earlier smartwatches. But it still has some problems Fitbit requires a win. For various years. It was the clear leader in wearables. But its exchange to smartwatches has been dissimilar. The Fitbit Ionic did not encash as good as awaited. And Apple has now slid back among the top place in the worldwide wearables bazaar. Fitbit has persisted that much-leading health tracking is coming stuff that could possibly track sleep apnea or glucose levels. But in the meanwhile, it just needs anything to encash.

That’s where the Fitbit Versa comes in. It is a facilitated, GPS-free, low-priced version of the Ionic watch. One that’s guessed to have a dependence-market request. It also looks excellent than the Ionic, and as I sit here supreme a rose gold Versa with a watermelon pink crew. It would be simple to dive to the ending that this is the Fitbit smartwatch for women. But Fitbit has avoided apparently marketing it this pathway, analogous to the way Garmin recount the Fenix 5S as a fitness watch for shorter carpus.

The Versa:

The Versa also has a battery life of 4 days on one charge. Anything that obeys feels like a thumb in Apple’s eye. Let’s obey say this. I think the $200 Versa has a better chance of pathetic to lots of people — but it is still not Faithful.

Fitbit Versa:

I am going to find the bad dress out of the pathway to defense time for people who really care about smartwatch notifications. The pathway the Fitbit Versa handles notifications is not good. Same as it was on the Ionic. Text message notifications from iOS, in special, are frustrated. They are not remotely chargeable on the watch, signification there is no pathway to answer to them. The Versa does not have a speaker. Fitbit says that eventually, it will noise out fast replies for Android phone users but that won’t happen until May in this year.

That fetch me to the physical construct of the watch. The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch was difficult-angled and intense looking. The Fitbit Versa is still square-shaped. But with circle edges and a touchscreen that shield among the watch’s anodized aluminum holster. You could even say — and much has meanwhile said it — that it’s looks like an Apple Watch. From away, it really does.

One of Fitbit’s selling points has always been that its devices are consistent with different operating systems, and the same is true with the Versa. It twins with Android phones, iPhones, even Windows phones. Those still exist! It will sync across Windows desktops too.


Phone call notifications were more softened. I could at minimum receive and abdication phone calls from the watch. The Versa display calendar notifications, too. Ant of these metrics, like heart rate tracking and sleep tracking, need a jump of belief on the part of the user. Which is to tell you can hope a definite margin of mistake.