Connecting 100M People To The Internet By



Facebook’s has attached almost 100M users global and that’s a big success for the social media site. After exposing Facebook’s Q1 2018 earnings by saying “our works have helped nearly 100M users get access to the internet who may not have had it otherwise”. In November 2016 forty million people using To give connectivity to the people, this project makes the use of its free basics application in addition to the low-bandwidth services along with express wi-fi hotspots that are managed by local merchants.

Aquila solar-powered drone:

To improve the bandwidth connectivity down to the remote areas also, the company is experimenting an innovative Aquila solar-powered drone. The drone has been made to increase the bandwidth in the remote areas for the locals. In order to experiment its very latest innovation in New Mexico. The company’s team is currently seeking the govt permission to deliver LTE access to the peoples in the city. It is not the very 1st initiative that the company has taken. Earlier the company has also tested with lasers and satellites to get the required bandwidth for the phone networks to give decent connection at various areas.

Amidst all these progress, the company has been criticized a lot through #deletefacebook trend. That, of course, did brand loss to the company besides harming the yearly wealth for the social media giant. On the matter of connectivity, the company has also been backlashed by a number of peoples owing to the net indifference issue. Some peoples believe that net indifference is violated with the free basis as it doesn’t give the full access to the open web. It was one of the reasons behind the ban of the Facebook app in some of the countries. When it comes to connectivity, it is always good to be able to remain connected to the outside world.

Payment method with the Messenger:

Giving his views on the connectivity, the Zuckerberg explained payment method with the Messenger that drives the connectivity. Zuckerberg told that the company has worked with phone operators. And carriers in the Philippines so that users can buy data plans through Messenger. More on that statement CEO added that it costs carriers ten percent fewer data to sell the same plan through them than to opt for the services of retail investors. Additionally, it makes it simple for the peoples to afford the data plan at a very fair price.