The New Mobile Browser Opera Touch


Although Opera is far behind in the PC browser world, the rivalry is trying hard to fight Chrome and Firefox. Especially they are more emphasizing the user interface. The mobile phone has the exclusive control of the Opera browser at one time, but the application of Opera apps like Opera or Opera browser is not the same. Opera is doing experiments with the new UX to keep itself alive in the browser world.

Examination Part

Last year, as part of these, they published a modern U-Browser with Opera UI. The Neon Project is not very popular, but many of its features have been implemented in Opera’s Mainstream Browser.

New Browser For Android

In the continuation of these, they brought the new browser Opera Touch for Android phones. However, it will not replace their traditional Opera Mini or Opera browser. This browser has to develop to give simple and minimize browsing experience. According to Opera, it is very easy to use with one hand.

The Browser Is Very Interesting

The UI of the browser is very interesting and does not mess with different buttons like other browsers. When you enter the browser, the top goals of the top sites will see. With the search/address bar. There is a chance to scan voice input and QR code in the search bar. The bottom right corner of the browser is the control button, which has the name of the opera named Action button. Once you tap the button, it will take you to the search bar and hold down the open tabs.

There are no customization options in the settings of the app. Opera does not have special data saver again. But there are options to create built-in add blockers and mining scripts blockers.

Opera Touch’s Flow Feature

The most attractive feature of Opera Star is its sync system with PC Browser. Opera has named it Flow. Through this Flow feature, you can send any tabs to your Opera Opera Touch while browsing the Opera browser on your PC, and you can share the link with the PC when browsing any mobile site. This process is very simple. Tapping the flow button next to the link, the link will send to your PC or phone at the same time as the notification form so that the link will open.

Browser Connect PC

For the Flow feature of Opera Touch, they have added Flow tabs to their latest version of the main PC Browser. By scanning the QR code, you can connect the phone’s Opera Touch browser to your PC’s browser. Flow tabs are much like conventional messaging apps. That means shared links between the two devices will be seen in the chat thread. Through this, you can share PC-to-Mobile or Mobile to PC text/content.


Opera is very optimistic with this browser rich in modern UI. But even if they are easy to browse, there is not a lot of traditional features in this browser except for their Flow feature. As a result, it is also a matter of watching whether people will use them as their primary browser. Opera Touch is available for Android at the Google Play store at the beginning but it will soon be released for iOS as well.