Best Bootable USB Tools For Windows


Bootable USB Tools easy to install on your operating system if you already installed on your machine. However, bootable media devices allow you to install an operating system even if you don’t have any running/working operating system on the machine. CDs/DVDs were the foremost media to create a bootable disc, however, they’ve now disregard due to sudden technological changes and advancements. Here we have some tools that help you create a bootable media USB for Windows operating system.



Rufus is one of the best bootable USB tool available that makes your bootable USB pen drive creation effective. It allows you to create bootable USB  media for both MBR and GPT schemes that make it more convenient. You’re provided with the feature to install your operating system on a UEFI firmware enabled system. Another best thing about Rufus is that it can be used on any ISO file and takes very less time in creating a bootable USB drive.

Universal USB Installer


Universal USB Installer is one of the easiest ways to create a bootable USB drive. this tool lets you create a live USB for Linux distros. Although it doesn’t provide you with an automatic download option but offers you the link to access the download page of the distro. This USB Installer is popular for supporting some extra ISOs too.

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool


If you’re looking for something authentic, This Microsoft product that works for other versions of Windows too. While it comes to usability as it just requires a few clicks if you have the USB drive and the ISO file.



WinSetupFromUSB is another great bootable USB tool that comes handy when you wish to install a new operating system. This tool allows you to put multiple ISO files in one USB drive and creates a multiboot flash drive. This way, you should have a choice of multiple operating systems at the time of the installation.



UNetbootin is an easy to handle bootable USB tool that doesn’t require much of technical knowledge. You can’t find the fancy features but it works well for its intended purpose. With this tools, you can create a Live USB drive for Linux distros.