Best 8 iSO App For iPhone



When you install a third-party keyboard on your iPhone, you may find it is somehow unstable. A keyboard that worth downloading is the Gboard. The Gboard helps you to carry out gesture typing as well as add emojis gestures, GIF search, and Google search. There are many other features that embedded in the keyboard apart from those listed above. Despite the third-party keyboard limitations of the iOS, the implementation of the Gboard makes it outstanding.


Have you ever taken a picture and you wished you could convert the picture into an artwork? Prisma is an app that was developed in 2017 for this purpose. You could use your camera to take a picture and then use the application to convert your pictures into a work of art. It is also possible to use the application for editing or enhancing your pictures.

Google Motion Stills

One of the major reasons why Google and its applications continue to dominate the iPhone world is because of the thoughts behind their application. Their applications always created with the aim of solving a real-life problem. This is the case with Google Motions Stills. Your live photos can stabilize with the application. You can also stitch videos with the stabilized photos. This is a very serious live photos problem and Apple has not really taken any action on it. Also, you can turn your photos into GIFs.


Live face filter is trending for some time and is now popular on Snapchat. MSQRD is among the first applications that fuelled the popularity of the trend. Facebook subsequently bought the application, due to the way it was making waves. Despite the purchase by Facebook, the application still works on its own, with more interesting things added regularly. If you are looking for the best way you can put on the appearance of a joker, then the MSQRD is the best app for you.

Pokemon Go

Finally, we will be looking at the game that is arguably the biggest application sensation of 2017. The reputation of Pokemon Go exceeds the story that it is just a game. You are able to get a wonderful experience due to the classic design of the game, with which you can explore real-world aspects.

Opera VPN

Finding a free unlimited VPN service that is trustworthy could be very hectic. This is why several people were shocked when Opera developed a free unlimited VPN service, without any commitment from users. Considering the reputable nature of the Opera Company (the reputation of their application as well as how long and widely they are been used), trusting them should not be a problem. Even though you should not use the application at every point in time, it is handy when you require a US proxy.


The news app for iPhone referred to as Quartz is a very quite special application. It successfully utilizes conversational UI in a way, only a few applications have been able to achieve. The news app uses an interface that looks like the interface of a chatting platform. You subsequently get news and other information on updates that are bit-sized. If you want more information, all you have to do is tap and you will be given more options. If you have been looking for a way to stay informed on the major news of every day, without having to go through web pages that are distracting, the Quartz application is a great option.


There are several applications that help to connect us with friends, including applications of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Even though Meerkat is no longer in existence, a new application focused on a video created by the same group. The app has its own advantages. The app allows you to make video calls with groups of people on the iPhone. The app is fully compatible with the iPhone and very great to use. There are hardly any other applications on iPhone out there that can serve you for group video calls like Houseparty.