Best 10 Free Weather Apps For Android


Weather Underground

This is one in all the best free android weather apps that offer you the right weather forecast using its network of weather position and provides you with the weather info. To install this app, you would like only a few clicks, and then it will display the weather of the surface that you will set. Weather Underground app is gettable in free. Therefore open the Google Play store and download it.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather Android app is designed very well and has all the features that are gainable in other weather apps and also more improved form than other weather apps. This app is available free at the Google Play store. You can download this one if you do not like Weather Underground.


If you are investigating for a weather app that can deliver the exact weather forecasts hourly and weekly, then you can go for the 1Weather app. Though the design is little glitz, this is one of the best free android weather apps for its hourly and weekly weather forecasting.


AccuWeather comes into the list of most significant free android weather apps cause of its ability to deliver exact details about the weather of any place. You will get this app in the Google Play store and is available in free.

Transparent clock & weather

Android another free app that deserves to be on the list is the Transparent clock & weather. It is a fully customizable weather forecast and clock app. It comes with a lot of exciting features, and excellent design, so make sure to try it out. It’s a favorite weather app for most Android users.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app is easy and straightforward to use. It is beautiful and accurate. The app provides forecasts, weather maps, current weather conditions, dynamic home screen, personalized real-time weather alerts (severe weather alerts, breaking news alerts, rain and snow alerts, lighting alerts, and pollen alerts) and many other super useful options.


Amber weather

Amber Weather is an atmosphere app for android with full customization and personal appearance. They take steps widgets with various styles and themes, including 3D weather, transparent, cartoon clock weather, and individual weather clock widgets made for unique games. The other things that you can select are the atmosphere clocks, weather icons, and even a different font for the strategy on your home screen. Many of them are free, especially the weather clock.

What information will you get from them? Well, Amber Weather can automatically find out your location and give you the weather information hourly, 7-day weather forecast, and so on. You can add a new city to the list manually to check its weather.


GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

Go Weather Forecasts & strategy is probably one of the most popular android weather apps. It has an impressive design. It is free, accurate, and straightforward. It provides present weather info, wind forecast, hourly and daily forecast, tells you when to bring your umbrella, and it also notifies you the real-time weather alerts. With more than a million reviews in the Google Play Store, the app has 4.5 stars!


Weather Timeline

The top choice for the best weather app for Android and widget is Weather Timeline. It’s one of the most beautifully designed weather apps in the Play Store. Whether you want to get a quick glimpse of the current conditions or a deep dive into the radar and extended forecasts, Weather Timeline has all the tools you need. The widgets are also highly customizable.

Weather Live With Widgets

As its name, this app has a fictitious animated wallpaper with live weather conditions on your home screen. That’s so cool! The widget on Weather Live always covers a compass, that is rarely found in other weather applications. They have a beautiful transparent widget with different shapes: circular, rectangular, or square. If you are a fan of straight and superb design and details, then the android app Weather Live is fit for you.