Best 5 iOS Apps For Kids


Nothing can surpass the fun of using an iPhone or iPad. The bright hues and the light feel of the silken touchscreen can make even the kids crave for the iOS devices. iPhones and iPads can play a significant role in providing entertainment and education. To simplify things for you, we have presented the list of the best iOS apps for kids.

Vacation by Toca Life

This iOS app is a making of the digital game that will let your kids pretend that they are on a vacation. A bundle of entertainment and education, this too considered to be one of the best educational iPhone apps for kids. The main screen of the app is like a navigation tool. The kids can tap anywhere on the screen and reach the place where they want to play. It could be the beach, hotel, or even the airport. Everything on this game is interactive and the characters in the game can be accessorized as the kids like it. The young imaginative minds can be entertained for endless hours with this game.

Toca Dance

This iOS app is one of the excellent educational iPhone apps for kids. This app can enjoy by the adults as well. In this intriguing game, the players can pick three dancers and accessorize them as they like. Then, the players can teach the characters some fun dance moves by dragging the finger on the screen. This dancing app designed well to used by kids with colorful graphics and fun characters. You can also choose from a myriad of music and once you training the characters, you can watch the final performance. With high interactivity, you can even throw flowers or tomatoes and can cheer the dancers.

Blackboard Madness Math

Got a Mathematics genius at home? Considered as one of the best educational iOS apps for kids, Blackboard Madness can be the perfect choice to impart some knowledge of formulae and problems. The app consists of some quick and fast Mathematics challenges that have several questions related to simple as well as complex calculations. The app can use to test the mathematical skills and the level of logical thinking of the kids. The kids can run Live Mathematics on speed. All that the kids have to do is to tick the correct answers with excellent kung fu sound effects to impart the fun element. You can teach your kids mathematical skills at a slower pace with different levels. The app is available for free and rated 4+ by the users worldwide.

Dinosaur Park Math

Another great and one of the best educational iOS app for kids. The Dinosaur Park Math can use by the young kids to learn mathematics. The small children can learn addition and subtraction from the simple to complex levels. In addition to being educational, this app is fun too. It has been developed on an interactive level wherein the kids would need to deliver the correct answers in order to get past the rocks that have hidden dinosaur fossils underneath them. Moreover, the kids can learn some interesting facts about the dinosaurs as well. There is a free version of the game available as well and it has a great rating.

Dino Tim

If you wish to educate your young toddler about different shapes and sizes in a fun way. Then this could be one of the best iOS apps for kids. The young children can get their grip at shapes, colors and even at words. The app comes with a fun storyline in which Tim’s family abducted by witches and to save the family, the kids have to solve various interesting puzzles. This interactive game involves solving the fun puzzles and geometric problems with running, jumping and even some magic. A complete package for your growing child – the app is a must-have for your kid. The game is available for free