Google Chrome! Some Hidden Features


Google Chrome

There is nothing new about Google Chrome. In one word fantasy is a browser. It’s a free wireless browser, developed by Google. According to Starcount’s calculations, 56% of the world use Google Chrome on Curry Desktop. Moreover, this browser is very popular for smartphones. For the success of Google Chrome, the name “Chrome” is defined as a brand. And there are a lot of products, ChromeCast is one of those

Google Chrome’s core code is opened as Google Open Source, named “Chromium”. Anyway, this time back to the actual event, that means tune it. I will show you 19 hidden features of Chrome today. Chrome Super User will make you!

Drag Many Tabs Together

We all know that dragging and dropping any tab opens with a new window. But you know, with that one can drag and drop many tabs! Click on the tab that you want to open a new window by pressing the Ctrl key, drag and drop this bar. You can see all the tabs you click on have become a new window. What? Still did not understand? Your own pictures are for you.

Your Google Chrome Is A Calculator

Hmmm, your Google Chrome OS can do the normal job itself. It also enters Google.Com again. Just go to your Google Chrome address bar and type Simple Math (no need to press enter). You can see that Google Chrome has answered it below. It also enters Google.Com again. But some things: “Google” should be selected as your default search engine, Yahoo, Bing will not be available. It will not work if you open the incognito window or the private window.

Your Google Chrome Is A Unit Converter

As well as having your Google Chrome calculator, a Unit Converter and Just type the search on the unit you want to convert, like the diameter I like! Your unit will convert. The same thing as last time, Google should have a default search engine, it will not work if you open an incognito window or a private window.

Google Chrome Is A Simple Image Browser

With Google Chrome, you can browse Jpg, Png, Gif and more. Drag any image from your file explorer and drag it to Chrome.

Drag To Search

Highlight any text from any web page and then drop it into the search box and the search query will be searched Google. This works like Copy and Paste. See two pictures below.

Drag A URL To The Bookmarks Bar

This is a beautiful feature. If you want to open the link you will need to drag and drop the search bar. You can edit the link if you want. If you want to open a new tab with a link, then drag the link and drag it to the side of the New Tab icon, then your link will open with New Tab.

Switch From One Tab To Another Tab

This is one of my favorite choices. If you like to work fast, you will love this feature. Holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and pressing 1,2,3,4,5,6 in order to see if your tabs are switched sequentially.

Use The Command To Navigate The Web Page Up And Down

You can navigate your webpage up and down using just the SPACE key. When the SPACE key is pressed, the page will be down and the SHIFT + SPACE key will navigate to the page up.

You Can Add Favorite Web Sites To The Start

If you are like me, after adding the internet to the PC, you have to visit the same sites repeatedly, why type the address of the address repeatedly? Do not let Chrome do the work itself. Go to Chrome’s search bar and type “chrome://settings/startup” then press ENTER to see them pop up as above. Then, by typing the Chrome Open the website you add to the type! Diameter, this time when you open your chrome, your chrome will automatically take you to your favorite websites.

All Files Can Be Automatically Downloaded

I’m already saying that these tips are not for everyone’s work. But if you are like me then these tips will be useful to you. I want to access my downloaded files very easily! And for fast access, I think one desktop only is good. Go to Chrome’s search bar and type
“chrome://settings” then press ENTER. Scroll down now and click the Advanced Settings link. Now show the desktop from the download location. You’re one step fast!

False Ones Can Be Brought Back To The Closed Tabs

Suddenly I remembered my grandmother. He used to say, “The loss of the living creature of Tarhuro, if God gives to a man, it is only a little.” Hmmm, friends, we love to do such quick work. If you do more than making a mistake, you can stop working tabs that you can give to the table, but you will not be able to come back. One day I was a pound in one day! But do not worry about it. Because this kind of small mistake will forgive Chrome. Now, if you accidentally close any work tab, Chrome will give it back to you. If you are wrong, press the keyboard – Control-Shift-T command. Yes, all your closed tabs will come back again. What are you crying? Hey, come back to the tab.