Best 5 Tracker For Kids


FiLIP 2 GPS Tracking Watch

This Tracker might not have the full capability of any smartwatch. However, its specialized tracking and fun-filled features make it a favorite amongst the kids as well as the parents. The tracking device is highly compact at just 2 ounces and it light enough to keep in the pockets with much ease. The kids can also wear it as a smartwatch and flaunt the same in style. Moreover, by serving as a helpful wearable, there is no fear of losing it as well. The smart kid tracking watch comes equipped with two buttons for allowing the two-way calling with several pre-programmed numbers. When the buttons pressed for four seconds, a red emergency icon will initiate the emergency calls until someone answers the same. This also helps in sending notifications over the smartphone or tablet app.

Amber Alert GPS Child Tracker

The GPS feature of this tracking device is something to note about. The users just need to hit into the Megan’s Law National Sex Offender Database so that when the kid comes in the premises of 500 miles within the registered location. The users will get an SMS or email as a notification. This serves to be a highly powerful tool for parents who are not accustomed to looking up who is present in the neighborhood.

Trax Play GPS Tracker

This is a simplified tracking device well-suited for your kids. The strongest feature offered by this tracking device is the geo-fencing ability. With this functionality, the users will be alerted whenever the child goes outside the area as designated by them. The tracker comes protected with the help of a flexible sleeve with a belt clip. It also has got LED light that keeps blinking when the device is tracking someone actively.

Yepzon Freedom 3G GPS Tracker with SOS Button

The Yepzom Freedom is figuring within the best kid trackers because it looks stylish. Like the car keys of a Mercedes and is capable of relaying accurate location details to the parent. Just use the key-chain or keep it attached to the backpack of your kid. You can make use of the iOS or Android app to receive information on the current location of the user.

The Yepzon GPS Tracker is a strong piece of hardware which can be charged using the bundled micro USB port. The data collected by the app stored in secure, encrypted servers. The dedicated SOS button is located in the middle of the tracker that provides instant access to kids who want to make use of it during urgent times. Apart from kids, you can use it when you go for trekking or to new locations where it is easy to get lost. The person on the other end will be able to track you down but it is an expensive product which also demands a yearly plan to make use of the great features.


Samsung SmartThings Real-Time GPS Tracker

The SmartThings Tracker may look a lot like the AirPods because they are white. They have a smaller design like the AirPods but actually a GPS tracker used for safety purposes. While these trackers are available in different shapes and sizes. You can opt for a box-like design as they are easier to be stored in your kid’s backpack.

The water-resistant rating on this product is excellent as it is measured at IP68, the highest possible in the era. The product easily connects with your smartphones and can be used to send automatic alerts and updates. It has a massive battery life that could last for 10 days on a single charge. All you have to do is download the SmartThings app on your phone to use preset modes or customize and create your own settings. The best kids tracker also has special offers from AT&T if you choose to buy the SIM card from the service provider.