Apple Has A Warning For Mac Users


Apple last year removed support for 32-bit applications on its iOS stage. Now, the Cupertino based tech company wants to finish this support for macOS apps as well. There is no public notice yet but the latest warning shown on mac devices is a clear sign. Ars Technica notes that Apple macOS people will begin seeing this notification alerts recommending them that 32-bit apps won’t be supported in the future version of the operating system. Some have begun seeing them previously.

The notification says “This application wants to be updated by its developer to better compatibility,”. But this is not all as the message will be followed by a ‘Learn More’ choice that will navigate them through the given the company Support page. This page adds that the company already alerted developers at its WWDC 2017 conference that macOS High Sierra will be the end to support 32-bit applications. The page says “The company began the transition to 64-bit software and hardware technology for Mac over a decade ago and is operating with developers to transition their apps to 64-bit. At our Global Developers Conference in 2017, the company notified developers that macOS High Sierra would be the last version of macOS to run 32-bit apps without compromise,”.

32-bit apps will run nicely for now

The company has not yet unveiled when specifically it will be ending the support for 32-bit apps. The applications may yet run in the next macOS version but not as seamlessly as it does now. “The 64-bit transition for macOS and macOS applications is yet underway, so last transition dates have not still been set,” adds the support page. For what’s worth, the company has already stopped allowing 32-bit macOS applications to the Mac App Store. We have to wait until June when the company tells about it in detail at the WWDC 2018 conference.

How to verify which 32-bit apps need to get updated on your Mac

Although peoples will now get informed what apps need to get updated once they open it, there is an easy system through which you can see the entire list of Mac apps that are in 32-bit and require to get updated. Here are the steps:

  • Open your macOS running device then click on the Apple logo.
  • In the drop-down, you can see some options. Then click on the ‘About this Mac’ option.
  • Now click on it will open a new window revealing details about the device, its memory, disk space and more. In the particular window then click on the ‘System Report’ choice.
  • Then next window open, navigate to Software or Apps options and sort all the apps by ’64-bit (Intel)’.
  • All those apps that say ‘No’ means they are 32-bit apps and require to get updated to 64-bit. Ones showing ‘Yes’ means they are 64-bit apps and will work seamlessly in the next macOS version.

Why 64-bit apps?

As described by the company, 64-bit apps are better than 32-bit ones because of the former can ‘access dramatically more memory and allow faster system performance’. Apple’s Metal Graphics acceleration technology also works with the 64-bit apps only. For those unaware, Metal Graphics by the company allows the CPU. And GPU to work in a more effective manner, delivering faster graphics performance in games and high-performance apps.