The Airplay Speakers Have Become Obsolete


Airplay Speakers:

The speakers in question are the Nocs NS2 Air Monitors particular, the first generation version of the product, for reasons that will become significant soon. The NS2 Air Monitors date back to the manifestation of Apple’s Airplay standard in 2013, back when companies not only comprised Airplay support in their speakers. But built whole products almost it. And also included them in our Back to School conductor that year.

Second Version:

Eventually, Nocs released a second version of the NS2 that added Bluetooth, when it turned out that folks did not genuinely like Airplay. But when I decided to pick up a couple of the NS2 Air Monitors for my room in college. I figured that as a stubborn iTunes user who’d be depend on Airplay anyway, I could save a pair bucks and pick up an original couple of the speakers on the cheap. Who needs Bluetooth? Did I think? Flash onward a few years, and I’m not completely sure whether or not Nocs as a company is even still in business. Their website is still nearly, but most of their products are out of stock. And it does not seem like they’ve posted anything on social media in years, aside from a rarely updated Instagram account.

But much important to me, although, the Nocs app which you require to configure to Wi-Fi networking and update firmware has not been updated since October 2014, meaning that the iOS software does not task at all anymore since Nocs never updated it with a 64-bit version. There’s pointedly an Android app, but reviews indicate that it seems to crash more often than not so that possibly isn’t a grand solution either.


But I guess there’s at least a cautionary tale of how brittle our smart gadgets ecosystem can be. And how one broken link in the complex chain that keeps everything working can shut everything down forever. And if I could do things over again, I’d possibly have just gone with something that tasks with Bluetooth. Or maybe Sonos! Sonos possibly is not going to close working anytime soon.