The World Cup Without Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe lost their match vs the United Arab Emirates. As the result, they can not qualify for the world cup.The world cup without Zimbabwe after 39 years.

Zimbabwe vs. the United Arab Emirates

The rain was cursed for Zimbabwe! The last Graeme Cremer’s dream of losing the World Cup against the United Arab Emirates. This is the first time since 1979 that they have to be seen in the World Cup. Although they could get tickets for the final episode.

The United Arab Emirates

Zimbabwe has lost the England ticket, pushing a leg on foot. Play at home Graeme Cremer’s team could not beat the United Arab Emirates after the huge enthusiasm and inspiration for the host audience. The UAE scored 235 runs in 47.5 overs in four innings. Then comes the rain. The UAE did not go down the field to bat. Ramij Shahjad highest 59 runs Sikandar Raja took 3 wickets.


Shawn Williams bat on the forehead! What did I do – in the dressing room with regret. Williamson’s unbeaten 80 runs came off 18 balls. Williams, Zimbabwe’s Ashley Bleyo, Nigu Nigro, came out soon after. The rain beat match in the Harare match with the United Arab Emirates in the Duckworth-Lewis method by 3 runs in the World Cup – the dream has ended Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s target in the Duckworth-Lewis method was 234 in 40 overs. Host batsmen failed to score runs with the ball from the start. Williams had a dream but could not take it on the shore. Need 15 runs in the last over, Zimbabwe could take 11 runs Not only because of the game’s rate but the World Cup in the face of the hosts, the dream has become gray. This is the first time since 1979 the World Cup will not play Zimbabwe!

Hoping For other teams

Zimbabwe loses their last match in the World Cup Selection Super Series. Hoping for Ireland-Afghanistan The last time he wins in Ireland and Afghanistan, he will go to the final round of the World Cup. Ireland, Afghanistan, Scotland, and Zimbabwe will ahead in the run-rate. When the match is flooded, the World Cup tickets will available. Although the calculations of the run-rate, Zimbabwe did not have the hope. Zimbabwe’s runner-up where 0.42, there are 0.47 in Ireland. Ireland will go to the World Cup in the rain-rain tomorrow. Nine teams of the 2019 World Cup have already been confirmed. What is the rest of the team, now it’s waiting to know?