Instagram Gave Brands Hot New Feature!


“Instagram gave brands a hot new feature”

Instragam latest update is totally here for you — as long as you in question just so happens to be a major brand account. 

Now Businesses Should have the ability to schedule posts.  New, features are all good and fine. Instagram could have released a chronological timeline instead.

Sure, scheduling posts will help Wendy’s social media team get that definitely important burger content.  Instagram’s developers should be praised for making this crucial innovation possible. Could they have instead spent some time building a toggle switch for users to turn off the terrible algorithmic timeline? 

Ok, yeah, possibly Kevin threw it out or whatever one does with features destined for the digital dustbin. But, even if that’s the case, surely he could order his employees to whip up something new and fresh for all us little people just trying to see what exciting selfie opportunities are happening in our friends’

Both changes will add increased clutter to Instagram feeds.  content users must scroll through to reach all organic content.  From 2016, Instagram switched from a chronological algorithm for each specific user.Now brands have to pay to be seen. Instagram said the new changes will not impact where paid ads will appear within user feeds.

The new hashtag-related posts will follow the platform’s same algorithm. If a user follows a certain hashtag, say “#photography,” Instagram will determine which posts to show the user in their feed. based on the recency and quality of the posts. There is no limit on how many hashtag-related posts appear in a user’s feed.