Scientists Study Brains Of Bats


Scientists Records Brain Activity of Free-Flying Bats

Scientists are searching the activities of bats brains. They are taking the advance. Allows us to see. what happens in the brains of naturally behaving animals. So what actually happens in the brains of animals. As the bats have the same kind of brain structure as humans. This article was all about understanding of what happens. In the brain, as we move through the world.

Co-author Melville Wohlgemuth, a postdoctoral fellow said.”If you want to understand how the brain operates in the real world. you have to have the animal moving through the world in a natural way. So they wanted to see when a bat fly, they observed it. So they needed a wireless recording device that wouldn’t weigh down an animal. That itself weighs less than an ounce. so they a took a device which took years to develop.

They also took help from engineers. so they took a camera flight room.

with high-speed and an array of microphones to pick up the bat’s echolocation was not possible back 25 years back. but now researchers have been limited to observing the brains of stationary animals engaged in simple and often contrived behaviors.

top. now they watched it on the laptop. now they will learn how the bat’s brains work. an artificial circumstance can only reveal so much about how the brain behaves in a real-world situation. the other team Arseny Finkelstein and colleagues at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel set out to do this.

they experimented on the Egyptian fruit attached the device with the bats . to see the brain activity of the bats. they also watched bats flying and also while they getting down. Both of the experiments were done under experienced supervision. the motive was how the brains work while they fly!