4 Best FPS Games You Must Play


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This FPS game was released in 2012 and can be played on the PC. By history of being competitive, just like Counter-Strike, Global Offensive displays a similar tempo. Players belong to one of the two teams Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists and there are a plethora of objectives such as defending a hostage and planting bombs while they score over the other teams. Using the in-game currency, the players can purchase the weapons at the beginning of each round.

The currency can accrue by killing the opponents in the match or when you complete your goals. While the players can host their own servers with different game modes and the custom maps, there are dedicated servers as well. Players can also mess around with a host of options. The game balances, modes, and the maps come for free from Valve.

Call of Duty: WWII

This FPS comes from Sledgehammer Games and it brings you back from the space and drops you at the Pacific Northwest to be on the ground to experience the Call of Duty. World War II makes the experience largely conventional as it takes you to the roots. However, you still get the staple features such as the weapon skins, the progression of the characters along with an assortment of game modes and maps.

As one of the best-selling games that come out every year, the game sticks to the original formula and the solid gunplay experience from the days of Modern Warfare. With constant updates and the in-game events available for the players from the developers of this game. You can manage to keep the tempo of the game as nice and fresh as ever.

From its beginning, this game has already launched two big events. With plenty of customization options, new weapons, and characters for the players to enjoy thoroughly. You have a large base of players; so, you can find the matches faster and play with your friends. The game has also created a social space for the players to pick the challenges and to hang out together with a firing range for testing new weapons and interaction with NPC’s. If you are looking forward to a traditional option in a futuristic setting, you can find everything in this game. You can play this game on the PC.

Far Cry 5

It is time to get past the Politics off-kilter and Far Cry 5 is a brilliant game that prepares you with retooling option for this series-altering the monotonous elements aside. No wonder you will come across prepper caches instead of the watchtowers. When you double down on the destruction with the team mechanic.

It will allow you to recruit and prepare the best squad for achieving the goals. On the one hand, you are taken away surprisingly from the sandbox world to complete the story mission that drives you mad, on the other, the vibe you get at the end of the game may not be satisfactory. However, once you are done with the main game. You get an array of Arcade mode levels to make the game interesting and what’s more. You can throw shovels at the people as well.

Call to Arms

This game can play in Windows. The game from Digital mind-soft has some similarities with the Call of Duty series from Activision and settings that match Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. But it is different in several aspects.

At the core, this is a military game with real-time strategies in environments that are indestructible. With mind-blowing controls, you have to complete the mission. The game offers plenty of things for the players interested in the free FPS gaming category. If you are ready to put on your boots and em-battle with the soldiers in the direct combat. You can move right ahead to destroy the environment to overpower the enemies.