Venom First Look Reveals Tom Hardy Looking


Venom’ First Look Reveals

Eddie Brock is back. The incident that turns him into a powerful monster. The First Look and the teaser are out. Tom Hardy looks incredible. Sony on Thursday offered a first look at Tom Hardy. Hardy as  Marvel antihero Venom in a new teaser trailer for its upcoming movie “Venom.”Hardy stars as photographer Eddie Brock. 

who is able to transform into a horrifying, sharp-fanged creature known as Venom. A character who belongs to Sony’s Marvel Universe of characters. But the new film is not considered a spinoff of the Sony-based “Spider-Man” franchise.

When it comes to superhero movie offerings in 2018. Sony’s R-rated venom starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed.  surely one of the most anticipated titles on the calendar. Venom began his comic book existence as a Spider-Man villain. an alien creature (known as the symbiote) that attaches itself to Eddie Brock.

A rival of Peter Parker, creating a sliming. the drooling menace that can replicate many of Spidey’s powers.  mainly because he looks pretty cool. Venom was reinvented as an anti-hero. saving the day and battling his personal demons.

Although the trailer doesn’t offer a first look at Hardy as Venom. it is just a teaser trailer.  it does give some insight into the storyline. how Hardy will be infected with the symbiote! The voiceover narration mentions an accident. which likely refers to Brock.  we may be able to presume that’s where the symbiote infects him.


The most badass and complex character is going to hit the screen. It will be interesting to see how Hardy wraps his tongue around this ‘protector. The movie is going to release in October 2018.