Venom (2018 film) New Trailer Released


Sony’s new trailer of Venom is released. This trailer is better than the first and corrects the first trailer’s mistake by having Venom in it. You’ll get to see Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock coming to terms with the new powers bestowed upon him by the symbiote. Using them to predictably violent effect.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy impressed the nation’s movie exhibitors with an extended showing of footage  from Sony’s upcoming superhero movie “Venom.”

This film doesn’t resemble a superhero tentpole. It began with Hardy’s Eddie Brock as a tough journalist dealing with Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed as he uncovers nefarious exploitation at a corporate entity. Resulting in a subsequent visit to his run-down apartment from henchmen. Who are there to dispatch him.

On this time, Hardy transforms into Venom. Like a much-larger gooey alien symbiote with massive powers who quickly kills his attackers. Other footage showed a puzzled Eddie Brock wondering what was happening. Then he transforming back into the new character. “We are Venom” he proclaimed at the end of the footage.

The footage received by far the most positive response from Exhibitors at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Hardy said he’s particularly very excited that his son will be able to see “Venom.”

Hardy said, his dream comes true to be a part of this movie. “He’s one of my favorite characters as well.”


Director Ruben Fleischer was also on hand for the presentation. Williams and Ahmed both thought that it was the first time that they’ve appeared in a superhero movie.

Scriptwriter and Producer

Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner and Kelly Marcel wrote the script. The producers of this movie are Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, along with Amy Pascal.

Marvel Comics created Venom in 1988. The character made his big-screen debut more than a decade ago. In Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3”. Where Topher Grace portrayed him. In Sony’s Marvel Universe intend that movie as the first film.