Ruby Rose Says She and Jess Origliasso Broke Up


Orange Is The New Black star confirms She Broke Up With Her Girlfriend A Few Months Ago

The couple was happy in the relationship. But recent reports are that they are going to break up. last premiers for 3 weeks. RUBY Rose and Jessica Origliasso held hands and smiled on the red carpet. Seems like all these breakups are confusing. Married they hold on the red carpet.

The news was later or sooner they are going to get married.After the news was. out Rose has deleted all photos of herself with Origliasso on Instagram. But she still follows Jess on Twitter. Rose tweeted I’ve shared the past two years learning and sharing my life. With an amazing human being An experience for which I am very blessed.

Breakups are always hard on the people involved but I can only be grateful for the experiences we shared.

It’s with a heavy heart to share that Jess and I parted ways a few months ago. We still love each other very much and I will always support her and be her biggest advocate. I understand it’s ‘April 1st’ but I would never use something so personal as an April Fool’s joke,” Rose added. after that rose said the split announcement was not an April Fool’s Day joke. she added April fool is not a big deal. but she would not make her privacy private. before the break u,p Ruby maintains the couple split. ‘months ago’ they pictured together on social media in March with no signs of trouble in paradise. they first mate in 2008. Jessica used Instagram to promote their healthy relationship.

after they split they reunited in late 2016 when Ruby invited to direct. star in a music video alongside Jessica. the music video named x-rated.they caught romancing each other. jessica tweeted So glad to see Lisa Origliasso. screaming in excitement about the Yes vote after telling us. she thinks we should feel “lucky” we don’t get stoned to death. like they do in other countries and to get over it a few months ago… warms my heart.