Kapil Sharma Opens Up About His Drinking Problem


Kapil Sharma Has Left Rehab Early Quit Drinking

Seems like Kapil could not maintain his fame for too many times. As he got alcoholic. His drinking condition was too bad that he had to go to rehab for his treatment. So he returned from rehab after 28 days. Where he was recovering from alcoholism. Some source said Kapil left the Ayurvedic clinic in Bengaluru.

To touch down in Mumbai on Sunday because of pending work commitments. Kapil was suffering from this problem from many times. So he had to fight with it every day and every time. He had resorted to heavy drinking after his fight with former co-star Sunil Grover. But Kapil is sober now, revealed the friend. kapil finally has stopped drinking. Some source Added, “He needed to return to Mumbai to complete his film Firangi and start promoting and marketing it for its November release.”

No one stops drinking, Kisi ke kehne pe.

But there comes a time in everyone’s life when they just give it up. so recently I was at a party where everybody was drinking but I did not drink a bit. I was conscious. So three months, I didn’t drink at all. Again in February. There was a lot of fog when we were shooting and did kar padha. So Socha ki Chalo udhar thoda sa kar lete hain.

The movie fog has delayed the film of Kapil. Then an artist passed away. I don’t have any guardian to tell me. I was alone. So there was a bottle and I started drinking. He also said “I’ve never bothered to market myself. I never had a PR. Maybe that’s why some sections of the media took it upon themselves to write whatever they wanted. I was shocked to hear about the things being written about me. Most of them were untrue.I am not done yet. My show is far from over. We will be coming back stronger than ever as soon I’ve recovered. Please bear with me. Please pray for me.”