Galaxy Note 9 Get An On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor


Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

ZTE, the Chinese phone producer has already showcased its Axon M. Whose USP was the on-screen fingerprint sensor. Based on current rumors and news, presently other large brands may shortly be following the trend. The latest report shows that Samsung may bounce the on-screen fingerprint bandwagon next this year.  With the next generation, Galaxy Note phone tipped as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Quote its ‘sources’, The Korean Herald reference that company Display has made two-three models for the Samsung Electronics department. For a display panel that has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor. This obliquely means that the South Korean tech is near to a final solution for its upcoming devices.

Also notified is that the company is taking more time in choosing the idea for Note 9 due to this special display panel. The idea is probably to be finalized by this month. The report adds that the company may release the phone in late August 2018. And it has sufficient time to operate on the particular tech even if it is at a nascent platform right now.

The company has been rumored to bring the on-screen fingerprint sensor ever since the previous year. The tech was said to appear with Galaxy S8 smartphone. One of the possible opponents of the Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus 6 is tipping to feature an on-screen fingerprint sensor. If real, the company may have an edge over Apple and Samsung in the bazaar by some months.

Developing the S-Pen:

The previous year in October, a news discussed how the Samsung has already started operating on developing the S-Pen in the future Samsung Galaxy Note phone.
It is noticeable that the group at the company was assessing the present model, Galaxy Note 8, before considering how to access the improvement of the Galaxy Note 9. The company may also give us a flash of its rumored foldable device.