Mobile! Causing Physical Damage


Mobile phone

Mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives. Without a mobile phone, it is not possible to spend a day at present. Therefore, we do not have any harm to this essential mobile phone, so we need to be careful about its use. In this case, we need to be careful about certain issues. Many people spend big time on mobile phones, but very few people think or know how much they are affecting their body or health.


How radiating radiation from radio or radiation from the radio is harmful to the body? Can the tumor cause the phone’s lead? Is there any way to survive? In the last few years, scientists are trying to get answers to this question. Although still not fully answer all questions.

We know the function of the radio frequency wave, which works on mobile phones using low power radiation. X-ray, ultraviolet or gamma radiation is much less energy than this. However, the effect on the human body is still unclear. There is so much radiation circulating around us. For example, FM radio waves, microwave, and light radiation.

However, the website of the American Cancer Society says that mobile phones increase the risk of tumor head or neck. In particular, how a microwave works, such as a radio wave can increase the human body’s warmth.

The Research Saying?

Although the radiation level of the mobile phone is very low and it can make body cells warm, it is not clear, but the scientist says that the phone should be in the near future as a warning. Mobile phones spread more radiation.

Scientists want to know, how much is the radiation amount from a phone? They set a level on how much body can receive radiation.

According to the mobile phone company or manufacturer, the radiation level of each phone is less. Although there are phone boxes or online information, only a few subscribers will read them. New and old phones have made a list of radiation expansion levels, Germany’s Federal Office, other radiation protection.

Research Is Still Going On.

According to this list, the list includes one plus and Huawei, one of the most broadcast phones on the list. Nokia N95 630, there are 10 in the list of the iPhone 7, 12 in the iPhone 8 list and the iPhone 7 plus 15. Sony Xperia XXOn Compact List 11, Jtee Exxon 7 Mini 13 and BlackBerry DTi 60 Number 14.

Although there is no specific standard of radiation in the world, Germany’s value is 0.60 watts per kilo. All the phone radios doubled on the list. This level is 1.68 W in one plus. Sony X Perry M5 has the lowest radiation spanning Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S6 Edge, Google Pixel XL, Samsung S8 RS7 Edge.

Read the manual to know the radiation levels of your mobile phone, visit the company’s website or enter the website of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. Many people spend big time on mobile phones, but very few people think or know how much they are affecting their body or health.

Other Survey Information

Mobile phone usage has increased greatly in the present time. In 2014, there were approximately 328 million mobile phones in the United States alone. This number is much more today. According to the International Telecommunication Union, there are approximately 5 billion active mobile phone users in the world. The amount of radio waves generated from these mobile phones daily, considering overall, is really a cause for concern. Is Mobile Phone Really Risky for Our Health? So far there are numerous surveys conducted in different countries to find answers to this question.

According to the FDA in the United States, Current mobile phones are not usually risk-prone for health. With the use of mobile phones, there are many different types of breast tumor and general tumors related to cancer. But this relationship is indirect. Mobile phone usage has increased greatly in the present time. In 2014 a survey conducted by the United States NIS (National Institutes of Health) According to the research conducted by rats,

Waves used on mobile phones can cause harm to people. Considering the relation of mobile to people, rats have been tested in place of humans. At the end of a specific period of time, keeping 9 samples every day for 9 hours together, the effect of radiation on the brain of the mouse is obvious. The results of the conducted surveys in different countries generally provide different information. Many surveys mention the excessive use of mobile phones as the cause of many other cancers, including a severe brain tumor.

Many studies have completely rejected this national concept. As a result, the researchers could not come up with any undisputed conclusions about this. However, scientists have always warned about the excessive use of mobile phones. According to many of them, mobile phones are not a big threat to our body, but its overuse of use certainly influences our body and mind.