The Future Of Calling Google’s Fi


Wireless network market is populous and still, we can’t find a great deal. In fact, cell phone carriers have got a bad reputation and not necessarily for wrong reasons. This is because of controversies related to not-so unlimited data plans, ever-increasing data prices, and decreasing data caps. Apart from spending a fortune on data plans, we also need to figure out the carrier that offers maximum coverage. We already have tons of options available and adding to the list, there is one more: Google’s Project Fi.



What Is Google’s Project Fi?

Project Fi is Google’s cell service that provides mobile data services via three mobile networks. It is a collection of cell services that uses three partner cell companies plus WiFi hotspot to choose the network with the best reception at any given time and automatically switches between them. It also uses WiFi to make calls and send texts whenever available.


How Does It Work?


The three networks involved are Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. Now unlike any other cell network, where you are just connected to one, with Project Fi, you can be connected to any of the three networks depending on the strongest signal at any point of time. You don’t have to pay for all three of these networks because the cost is included within the package of the project.


Is It Safe?

Now the question arises, is it safe to use open network hotspots? In general, it is a risky affair but then Google claims that whenever we connect to a trusted hotspot, Google protects the data by sending it through a secure network known as Virtual Private Network (VPN). Hence, your data is safe and it’s secure to use open WiFi hotspot with Google.



As far as features are concerned, the project offers unlimited domestic text and calls, unlimited international texting and you can use your phone as a WiFi hotspot. Google’s multi-network cell service provides data coverage in 170 countries from 135 countries in which the company has long offered service. As far as the cost is considered, Project Fi doesn’t charge you extra for your data usage in these countries. You just need to pay $10/GB, no matter where you are and SMS usage is also unlimited. Voice calls to the U.S. from all supported countries cost $0.20/minute.

The good news is that with project Fi, they will refund the cost of any unused data in the previous month and adjust it in next month. Also, Project Fi only works with the certain devices. This means, technically, you have to own Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or a Pixel phone. If you have any of these devices, Google will send you a special sim card that can be activated in any of these special devices.