Jack Ma Before Alibaba


Jack Ma, the name of the young man’s picture of the small-face Chinese man, when he heard the name, he was the founder of Alibaba, a company worth nearly $ 30 billion. The world’s first-quarter billion-dollar master is on the verge of being a common but intelligent man’s face. According to Forbes’s ‘Real Time Net Worth’, whose current asset is approximately $ 35 billion A standard and inspiring name to small and big business people and entrepreneurs all over the world.

But how much do we know about stumbling, failing repeatedly, and moving forward through different obstacles? The person who is planning to create 100 million jobs in the world in the next twenty years, is the person who once came back empty handed in the door of small and big companies only for a small job, is it known to all of us?


From the very beginning, he was a thin rippling. Yet, often he wore a fight with his classmates. In his book Alibaba, he said that even though someone from the opponent taller than me, I would never have been afraid.

Shredder Insect Detoxification

In 2014, a book titled ‘Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group’ was written by his friend Chan Yu. There, Chan told that Jack had been in the habit of shouting Jackie in his childhood. He was so expert on the scorching insect that he could only tell the size of the insect or any species of it.

Real Name

He used to work as a tourist guide in his city of Hangzhou to learn English. There he became a friend with a tourist. The tourist started calling him ‘Jack’.

Personal Life

Jack’s mother married her classmate, Zhang Ying. At Hangzhou Normal University, they used to read together. They were married in the eighties. Both of them started their career as teachers. In marriage, they are the parents of one son and one daughter.

Fail In The Exam

After completing high school, he applied for admission to the Hanjjur Teachers Institute College. But he could not pass the admission test. After failing twice, he was able to get admission in the third attempt.

KFC Did Not Get Jobs

When KFC opened its branch in China for the first time, Jack Ma had applied for a job there. Each of the 24 candidates was given a job, but Jack Ma was denied. Later, he started his career as an English teacher at a local university.

Harvard’s dream to Read

He applied for ten times to study at Harvard University. But every time he has failed.