How To Solve 3 Common MacBook Problems


Is your Mac is beginning to display symptoms of age and is behaving strangely or feeling sluggish? Before you junk it, there might be few simple fixes to what ails it. Let’s see three common Mac problems solution.

1. Startup issues:

If your Mac stop to boot correctly and you get yourself staring at a blank display or gray startup screen alternatively on your desktop, then you should try boot in Safe Mode. When Mac boot in Safe Mode, MacOS will boot with the bare minimum of software. And drivers required and will run a check on your startup disk and repair any directory issues.

Start your Mac then press and hold the shift key from the keyboard. The Apple logo will display and then the login screen. You can release the shift key from the keyboard when the Apple logo disappears. This process may take a few moments before you get to the login screen as MacOS runs its diagnostics on your hard disk. Then leave Safe Mode. Start up your Mac, as usual, just restart your Mac.

2. Incompatible login items:

When you start your MacBook then you find yourself staring with a blue display. The display indicates that one of your startup objects like apps is incompatible with MacOS. With a bit of trial and error, you can recognize which application is creating the problem.

You can remove login objects and start your Mac after each elimination to see if the problem is quit. Go to System Preferences. Then go to Users & Groups now you can see your name click your name on the left under Current User. Next, click the Login Objects tab over the window to the right. Highlight an application then click the hyphen symbol. Now you can restart your Mac to see if your startup problem has been solved. If not, you can head back to the list and eliminate another app and keep going until you get the criminal. You can add objects back to the Startup list by hitting the plus button and selecting items from your App folder.

3. Unresponsive app:

You may find that an application will once or twice trip up your Mac and hang. And when an app hangs, it freezes your Mac. Then you cannot do anything, including quit out of it. Enter Force Quit Application. You can open the Force Quit menu from the Apple icon or you can hit Command-Option-Escape. Just select the app that’s not working then click the Force Quit button.