Mozilla Announces Firefox Reality


Firefox Reality:

Mozilla has declared Firefox Reality, the latest version of its Firefox browser. It is designed, particularly for augmented and virtual reality headsets. Sean White is a Mozilla’s vice president of technology strategy. He said, “the company thinks that the future of the web will be intricate with augmented and virtual reality, and that future will live by browsers“. “That’s why we’re developing Firefox Reality. The latest kind of browser that has creates from the ground up to work on stand-alone augmented and virtual reality headsets.”

The company thinks that Firefox Reality is part of its mission to build sure that the internet is an accessible and open resource. This also means that Mozilla wants to make sure that it remains on the frontlines of augmented and virtual reality. The company also believes that web browsers are the future of mixed reality.

Sean White:

White said, “The future of mixed reality is about giving experiences, not about building applications”. “Here shouldn’t be rub moving from one experience to another. Firefox was the 1st browser to implement WebVR. WebVR is an open standard for enjoying and sharing virtual reality. It is content by a web URL.” Firefox Reality is a cross-platform, an open source, and private browser.

This means that it should work on a type of devices and stages. This will also create it easier for manufacturers and developers to put the Firefox Reality web browser on their own devices. Still, Firefox Reality is not available to the public. However, Mozilla did share a short demo of its latest VR web browser working on the HTC Vive Focus. For developers who are loving in checking out Firefox Reality, the company has posted the source code. It will run on Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream devices.