Intel’s New Vaunt Smart Glasses Actually Look Normal


Intel New Smart Glasses Vaunt:

A few years ago, Google introduced its smart glasses called Google Glass. Then Microsoft announcing its smart glasses called Hololens aiming to deliver an enhanced AR experience. Now, Intel is announcing its own smart glasses called Vaunt.

At first look, you will notice that Intel Vaunt has no extra glass placed at the project a display on your eyes. It has no microphone on the sides. It has no speaker on the sides.
Intel straight beams display right into the eyeball. Vaunt is customizable and suited for regular users. It has two modules placed on the stems of the Intel Vault glasses.

The display is the right stem of the glass. The laser projects work with the holographic reflector on the right-side lens. The images are reflected on to the retina of the eyeball.
In future, Intel Vaunt comes with an accelerometer and a compass with more functionality into it. It is Compatible with both Android and iOS. The Vault has not yet ready for the final stage, it is still developing for close to the final product.